Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kartchner Caverns State Park

We picked up and moved 150 miles further west today - 1 day ahead of
our planned schedule.  The move was due to an incoming
Low Pressure System that was forecast to bring winds of
up to 70mph at our last location.  

The prospect of having to drive headlong into the wind
as well and some forecast snow - we decided to move here where I think
the storm will be less developed as it passes.

Our forecast tonight is for 25 mph winds and perhaps some flurries.
The mountains above us are scheduled to get up to 9" of snow.

Our location here is snug up against the base of the mountains, in the lee,
and that along with the trees should keep the winds down and make our
stay more comfortable than it would have been.

Waking up this morning I took an early morning walk in the cold and caught
the sun rising on the mountains.

Soon it was time to wake up the Sleepyheads,
and say goodbye to Rockhound....

And say hello to Kartchner

Kartchner Caverns State Park is a new park.  The caves were
discovered by two cavers in 1974 but they kept the location a secret from
the public for 14 years while they quietly worked to make sure these caverns
would be protected from the commercial fate that has befallen so many
of our natural wonders.

Below - the hills which should help shield us from some of the
strongest winds.

We sit quietly in the trees.  Each site is pretty private and has
an electric and water hookup.

I've built our own mini water treatment plant.

The two white canisters are first a .5 Micron particle filter that filters out minute
particles, rust, cysts, etc.   Then the next is a charcoal filter that provides some
chemical cleaning, removes chlorine, pesticides etc.

Finally the large black container is a water softener that further removes rust
and hard minerals.  No matter how hard the water source, we have triple treated
water to drink and bathe with.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to take one of the Cavern tours.  The tour
is of a section of the caverns that is only open a few months each year.

From what I've read - the rules are very strict in order to preserve the caverns
in their natural state.  You are actually sprayed down to remove loose skin
so that no contaminants enter the underground ecosystem.

Fortunately with Gregs Water Treatment Facility...
 Dry skin - even here in the Desert Southwest - is not a problem.

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  1. The caverns are awesome - can't wait to see what your opinion of them is. I don't remember being sprayed down but we wore some sort of suit and once we came out the walkways were washed down with the runoff captured outside the caverns.

    Lived just down the road from the caverns - Sierra Vista - for 5 years!


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