Monday, December 3, 2012

MorRyde Day 1

Monday morning arrived for me at 0500.
I had to get on the road and be at MorRyde by 0700.

It was a damp and foggy morning but at that hour traffic was very light and made
for a nice early morning hop to the shop.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by Andrew & Sergio and measurements of the
suspension began.

Within a few minutes I was directed to drive around to the back of the plant and
then backed the rig into the open bay.

I dropped the trailer, pulled out of the bay and parked the truck.
Almost immediately Sergio went to work cutting off the old suspension.

 I walked around to the office and got the lay of the land as to what will be
 my home for the next two days.

I needed to run out and go to the Plant where the RV was built to get some parts that 
my dear sweet wife had broken on the closet - then to Ford for some diesel exhaust fluid, 
and by 1000 I was back at MorRyde  had my office set up in the Customer Lounge, 
and was hard at work.

At MorRyde they feed you lunch while you are waiting for your Rig,
so I had lunch at my desk.

By 1300 the axles were gone from the trailer and new supports had been welded
to the bottom of the frame where the springs were once attached.

Later Sergio started to install the hydraulic brake controller in the forward compartment
next to the batteries.  Since the new brakes are hydraulic the new controller is a necessary
component of the install.

At days end, everyone has gone home and I am here at "Cam" MorRyde" all
by my lonesome.

I just took a shower and now have NBC on while I blog...  
not many channels penetrate the building and while they provide a cable hookup,
I don't know how to work the cable in the RV...
Remember - we're Satellite People.

Tomorrow the workers arrive at 0600.  If the slides are closed they know I am up.
If they are still out - they know I'm still inside and they don't start.
At 0600 the slides will be closed.

By tomorrow afternoon we should be all back together and Road Ready.


I have a minor issue with one of the truck marker lights so I made an appointment at
a local Ford Dealer for some warranty repair work tomorrow morning at 0730.

Busy Busy.

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  1. OMG, that is serious work! These guys are amazing. Your office tree looks nice :-). Hang in there, this has to be tough.


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