Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunset at Camp

As the sun dropped below the horizon we took the Doods for a walk
and I wanted to share just a bit of this very special time of day.

First the view of the mountains...

You will probably see a lot of this view the next two weeks as I keep trying to
capture the changing face of these beautiful sights.

Our neighborhood.

Back by popular demand is our daily self portrait.
Thanks for reminding me Margie.

On a nearby hill is a grove os Saguaro Cactus..  or Cacti.
Maybe tomorrow I'll go and give them a hug.

On our walk.
Don't let Kates being bundled up fool you...
I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt.

It is almost Christmas so I tried to get a few shots of the lights.
I'll need to bring my camera and my low light lens and see if I can get some
better ones but for now...

And this is our Rig...  Still a work in progress

Lastly the tree inside...

So far it looks like all that Santa left for me is a bunch of Bananas...

Bad Santa

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