Friday, December 28, 2012

The full moon blues

Today was one of those classic full moon days.
We had our phone & data T1 lines go down at the office in NY
That cripples me on the road and creates work for myself
and the staff as this infrastructure falls under my responsibility.

There were several other fires that cropped up...
One that kept me on the cell phone for 90 minutes....  ugggh!
lets just say it was a busy Full Moon Day.

Since I am in Mountain Time and that is 2 hours earlier than the office
it really allows us to put in some sightseeing time in the afternoon. 
We can usually hit the road around 2pm here as the day is
winding down there - and get 4 hours of touring in at the end of the day.

Today our plan was a late afternoon visit to the Desert Museum 
but the moon had other plans for us today.
Bad Moon...

So instead let me share a few more shots.

Our self photo yesterday as we were leaving the Air & Space Museum

Kate posing in front of a Northwest Airlines Lockheed Electra.

It was an Electra that Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared on
her round the world attempt in 1937.

Many of the planes had interesting Nose Art.
Is it live or is it Memorex?

Meanwhile tonight back at camp.....

I have been on a quest to try and capture a certain lighting on the Catalina Mountains.
The lighting was mentioned nostalgically by a friend from here.
I think I'm starting to zero in on the timing.

I kept looking out the window of the coach because I thought 
tonights sunset might be the one.

At a certain time the mountains seemed to look like they were starting
to get that fiery hue, so I rushed out looking for a decent place to try and get
a shot.

The shot above was my first attempt.
I thought that if I could get up on the small mound in the center of the above
photo (where the trees are lit by the sun in the center)
That I would get a better view of the mountains.

So here I am running around in shorts and a T Shirt.
Everyone in the Campground was wearing jeans and sweatshirts.
The temps were now in the mid 40's..

As the sun drops out here - the temps drop twice as fast.

So I'm running thru the woods, up the side of the hill,
trying not to run into any low lying cacti on the way..
and by the time I got to the top the light had changed and I was left with this.

I needed to be up here 15 min sooner and get about another 1000' to the other
side of the hill to wait and get a better shot.

Ok Linds....  I get it.
I now know those colors of which you spoke.
I don't think my skills will ever do yours justice but I'll
try and get some shots for you to give you that elusive taste of home.

Have a nice weekend and most importantly...

Stay thirsty my friends.

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