Friday, December 14, 2012

Longview Texas

Our Westward Trek continued today as we put another 500+ miles under the tires.
We now have over 1,200 miles logged and counting.

This morning we woke up to a layer of ice on the truck windshield.
I've never had ice on this windshield and I had to drive almost 700 miles
southwest to Alabama to get some...  go figure.

Kate has created this snug and cozy nest in the bedroom - we have layers of
comforters topped off with a thick down feather bed.
No matter how cool it is we are toasty warm and sleep like logs.

Todays journey took us westward thru Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
and 40 miles into Texas.  Tomorrow we will drive another 525 miles to our next stop,
and still be in Texas.   It's a big state.

Each day finds our driving itinerary just a tad easier.  On day one we had 11hrs,
today we had 9hrs, tomorrow 8 and then Sunday we only have 5 more and
we will be in New Mexico where we will kick back & spend 3 days.

On the road Kate and I function like a well oiled office machine.
She reads me my emails and I dictate responses.
My truck has blue tooth for my cell phone I'm able to make hands free
voice actuated calls from my cell phone phonebook.

In the camper I have an office phone mounted on the wall..
It's all quite amazing how the technology works seamlessly to keep me in
touch 24/7

To top it off - I've noticed that so far this year all of my internet has been
4G signals vs mostly 3G last year.  Verizon has really made a push in
rolling out the faster broadband and it's really quite amazing.

Meanwhile our quest continues.....
As we get closer to the snowbird wintering grounds our anticipation grows.
However that anticipation must be tempered with caution...

Blog reader Charlie had a good warning for me:

If you feel you are becoming increasingly compelled to discuss your
ailments, you have probably been too close to your quarry for
prolonged periods. This is generally the first obvious symptom. Others
include sleepiness, frequent urination and early "time for supper!"
exclamations. Be careful

You might remember our quest for the elusive Road Runner this summer...

Well the Great Northern Snowbird is a much more treacherous prey that
comes with it's own set of dangers.

We'll be careful.

Stay thirsty my friends.


  1. Glad your trip is going well and that you are proceeding cautiously and heeding the warning of friends.

    We have had 4G almost everywhere, including Marathon. The notable exception was Vero Beach - very surprising!

    New Mexico or bust!

  2. Thirsty I am my FRIENDS...great post you road warriors! You cover in 2 days what takes us 40 days OMG!

  3. Greg:

    BEEP, BEEP! When we lived in the Southwest we used to see them all the time!

    Have a good trip and enjoy.


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