Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Tucson

Ho Ho Ho!

I promised yesterday to try and get a few shots of our Christmas lights
on the Coach.  So last night I put my lower light lens on the Nikon
and tried to hold the camera as still as I could.

Unfortunately not still enough but will have to do for now.

I need to get the flexible kind of soft Tripod that John who owns
JaySeaDee has...  He used it while we crossed the Atlantic and it
was amazing how versatile that little booger was.
That would be perfect for my use.

Finding one will be a project for this week.

(late entry - found a tripod - it's on the way)

The lights go up the side around the hitch and down the other side.

They are all LED's and use very little power so I can use them when 
running on the inverter as well.

Our day began with our usual laps around the campground with the Doodles.

I clocked it out and they are getting 2 - 3 miles each day on their little paws.

Once back - they settled in for a nap.
Its tough being one of our dogs.

While they rested I got busy whipping up some Texas Sized
Cinnamon French Toast with Raisins.

I mixed some Maple Syrup into the egg mix to give it a little sweet
edge, plus the sugar caramelizes on the outside and gives it just
a bit of crunch to contrast with the soft interior.

Did I mention YUM!

After Breakfast it was time to wake up the Doods for our
Christmas Family Portrait.

Soon it was noontime and that means it's time for Kate and I to hit the trail.
Today we walked down the road to the entrance of the park and back.

It is about 2 miles each way.

At the entrance we stopped and in the interest of Christmas giving,
I took a Bonus Self Portrait.
How's that Margie?

This is looking from the Park Entrance out to the "Outside World"
The Oro Valley Marketplace is right outside the gates.

This is looking from the gate into the park...
The campground is about 2 miles down the road and left on a side road.

One last shot of my Christmas Goose before we head back to the
Coach for our pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres.

On the way back I stopped to chat with one of my friends,
Mr. Saguaro.

He's the quiet sort - but his face tells a story.

Soon it was time for the main course...

At Thanksgiving we made an extra large fresh bird, and immediately
reserved 1/2 the bird, the stuffing, and the gravy...
(all of which came out amazing)

We vacuum packed and froze that 1/2 and

Its Christmas Dinner in Tucson!

Prior to dinner however, I went down into the RV Wine Cellar 
and dug out a nice special bottle of Margaux.

Pavillon Rouge is the "second wine" of Chateau Margaux,
one of the finest Chateau in France.

A bottle of the "first wine" of the same vintage currently sells for
$500+.  Other vintages of Margaux sell for over $1,000.

For a fraction of that you can have a wine made by the same people, from the same
Chateau.  Excellent quality - just minus the "snob factor"

I popped the cork, let it breath a spell, then set back in
my easy chair with a glass to watch 
"A Christmas Story"
for the 500th time.

Then it was dinner time.

Dinner was topped off with coffee & homemade mini
Apple & Pecan Pies that Kate made before we left and then froze.

The dinner was delicious.

The wine was fantastic.

It was all topped off with a fiery red Arizona Desert Sunset which has now
turned into a star filled night sky.

So that was our Christmas Day in Tucson.

Thanks for joining us and Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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  1. Dinner looks great but I can hear you moaning now - extra laps around the area today I bet!

    I want to find you on the road and follow that Wine Cellar!

    Merry CHristmas


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