Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weds Gibraltar to Tenerife - DAY 4

Pos: 30-50.828N 013-40.515 W

We are starting to get near the 24hr mark for our port of call in the Canaries.

Last night the moon was a bit fuller as it keeps getting a bit bigger each evening and rises a bit higher up in the sky. For the early night watch (mine) I had this shimmering moon glow in the water ahead of us. It was a peaceful scene. Winds, waves are all about the same as yesterday. We've only had the slightest bit of traffic since leaving the shipping lanes off the Strait of Gib, but today about a hour ago all of a sudden we had two targets on radar, both closing in on our position. The two ships passed simultaneously, one to Starboard and one to Port, the Starboard container ship about 1/4 mile off of our beam. Seems like its feast or famine as far as company out here.

Today we had Baconfest. Turns out we all like bacon and cheese sandwiches so Jonathan got to work in the galley and whipped up some to the best artery clogging treats this side of Grenada. Grilled Bacon and Cheese sandwiches. I'll have to take an extra fish oil tonight.

He's been busy fishing for over 500 miles now but still no bites with 185 left to go to stop number one. We will probably stop at one marina tomorrow afternoon as we will be too late to make it to our preferred port on the south end of the island, then move the boat the next day or so.

Tonight I have the 2100-2400 watch so I get to go to bed at midnight and sleep to 6am. That's the sweet watch as it's more like normal. When we get to port and I have some bandwith I'll try and upload a few photos of this leg... so far I dont think I have any that will make Life Magazine.

Next post will likely be from shore side.

Till then

At 11/28/2011 23:29 UTC saling vessel JAY SEA DEE was at 32°05.77'N 012°11.90'W sailing at 7.0 knots on a course of 223T

At 11/29/2011 14:57 UTC saling vessel JAY SEA DEE was at 30°50.09'N 013°41.29'W sailing at 7.2 knots on a course of 224T

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