Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eggs that Fly Day 9 Tues Dec 13

1330z 19, 56.773N 37, 18.341W
1,486NM To Grenada
Seas 10-12' Winds 25-30kts

Today has not been my finest hour. The day started off on the wrong foot - and went downhill from there.

The seas continue to run pretty big and the boat will from time to time pitch pretty hard to port without warning. You're kind of used to the motion but sometimes there's still nothing you can do to prevent clamity. And today is Galley day for me.

My good sense told me that Oatmeal & Toast would have been a sensible breakfast but some passive protests from some of the crew overrode my wishes and below I went - hanging on with one hand, and trying to fry up bacon and scramble a dozen eggs with the other. Long story short is just about the time the coffee was done, the bacon was almost ready we were hit with another wave and the dozen (10 to be exact) scrambled eggs went flying.. All over the counter, the floor, into lockers, on me.... everywhere. So now I'm on hands and knees, battling some mild nausea and overheated, trying to stop the flood from getting into even more places as the boat continues to roll and add insult to injury. It took me about 90 minutes to clean up the mess and then prepare breakfast.... Oatmeal and Toast.

Yesterday Jen was able to prepare a wonderful meal of Rice and Beans with sauted Mahi for dinner. We all gave her credit for being able to do such a good job under difficult conditions. Tonight I am taking one of the frozen prepared dinners out of the freezer and add some rice to it and call it a meal. From now on if anyone is not happy with my menu plan they can eat.... you guess it... Oatmeal & Toast.


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