Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weather the Weather Dec 17 Day 13

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately.. If I remember correctly my last post left you at the "egg incident". Since then there has been a distinct lack of forward progress due to an annoying low pressure trough that sits smack in our way but that we are now finally steering out of.

The good news is that we are now motor sailing direct towards the mark (Grenada). The bad news is that for the past several days this trough has thrown adverse winds at us that at time caused us to move further away from the mark. Yesterday for instance our forward progress was only 88 miles!

We had a variety of weather, south winds, squalls, rainstorms, cloudy weather, and generally unpleasant conditions. I think this lack of forward progress affects me more (but we really don't talk about it so who knows) since I'm the only one on board who has time pressures such as a job I need to get back to, the hope of Christmas at home with Kate and so on. Charlie and Jen are together and staying on JaySeaDee till Johns wife arrives, John & Bud have nowhere to go once we hit Grenada... So there are no real time pressures as to when we get to Grenada for them, other than perhaps wanting to be off the boat for a few minutes. Everytime someone says "I'm in no rush we'll get there when we get there" I secretly cringe inside. I'm dying to get this leg done with and get back home to my sweetie who I miss very much. Oh well - we are headed to the mark, we will be under 900 miles left to go in less than an hour, and I hope to be on dry land sometime on Dec 23rd... be pati
ent Greg.

Conditions below have been extremely difficult. It's hot, humid, all the hatches must remain closed due to spray, its hard to walk, stand, type etc so I've fallen behind on my work and I fear that it's going to be tough to get back caught up till I get home.

I hope this is not all coming off as me whining. I really don't mean to present that sort of picture. It is what it is and I expected exactly what the sea is dishing out... no surprises here. Just trying to give you all some insight into what life aboard is like.

Tomorrow will be Galley day for me again. I expect that this should be my last turn at that. Another positive.

I've heard Jimmy Buffets Cheeseburger in Paradise at least 50 times on this trip. So much that I am dreaming of a nice juicy cheeseburger with lettuce and tomata... some heinz 57 and french fried potata. And then a big, extra icy cold beer in a frozen mug. Thats goal number one. Yum.. I can taste it now! Goal number two is getting off the plane in New Berne and giving Kate a huge hug and kiss. After that a nice looong shower, some clean sheets, and some doodle time on the couch. My needs are simple.

So with about 6 days left and counting - about 899 miles from Grenada.. This is a very eager to hit land crewman saying:



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  1. Glad you could post an update, I've been missing them. Kim


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