Monday, December 12, 2011

Fish on - Squall on... Monday Dec 12 day 8

1730z Pos 20, 03.976N 034, 43.904W
Seas to 12' Mostly sunny and warm
Winds east at 20-25kt 1,631nm to Grenada

Well yesterday Buds diligence paid off and he landed his first Mahi. It was a smaller guy about 20" or so and filleted it yielded enough for about 3 people. He followed that up with an encore today (right as lunch was being served) with another larger Mahi so between the two we now have enough for a good dinner.

The winds continue to blow pretty strong, the following seas are up to about 12' or so and we still have an occasional cross swell which makes the motion uneven. Last night I got propelled out of bed several times but was able to catch myself before I wound up on the floor. Needless to say I did not get alot of sleep last night. All the wind and waves are coming from an advantageous direction however and continue to push us quickly towards Grenada so its all good. Our 24hr distance from 11am to 11am was 190 nm. That's good time for this type of boat. Our average over the 7 days thus far is about 165nm per day so we are making good progress. We should be at the halfway point on Weds and it's all downhill sailing from there.

This morning I came on watch at 0900 (it was still dark cause we are not moving the clocks remember? so it really was 0700) and just as the sun started to come up we hit our first decent squall. I saw it on radar and was watching it so before Charlie went below we did our fire drill and reefed the jibs and no sooner than we were done the winds and rain hit gusting to 45kts or so. As quick as it started, it passed, we reset the sails and an hour later another squall came and we did it all over again. This is going to be a real pain in the butt at night. Speaking of the clocks, we have now crossed into another time zone - our second since leaving Europe. So as far as daylight and nightime - we are now 3hrs later than east coast time. We have 2 more time zones to cross before Grenada which is one hour later than EST.

It is Jens turn to cook today so this morning for Breakfast we had porridge. Soup and sandwiches for lunch and tonight is one of the Boat Recipes consisting of chicken, artichoke hearts, and sun dried tomatoes. Considering the seas and difficult conditions below to cook in she is really doing a great job. Tomorrow will once again be my turn in the Galley. Oh Joy!

Since my camera is now on the fritz, I am down to using my iphone for photos and videos. Not the greatest solution but it at least does a half way decent job so it's good that I have it.

Well that's about all from here for now. Not much else that I can think of at the moment.

From pretty darn near the middle of the Atlantic Ocean I'll sign off till next time.

At 12/12/2011 03:54 UTC saling vessel JAY SEA DEE was at 20°25.71'N 032°55.14'W sailing at 7.6 knots on a course of 254T

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