Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Trades are Back - Day 15 Tuesday Dec 20

377 miles to go!

After days of motoring, last night on watch I noticed the winds start filling in and building and by 1100 both twin headsails were back up, the wind was filling them and JCD was once again headed direct to the mark under sail. Last night I also noticed the first contrails from a jet since we left tenerife 15 days ago. Even seeing a jet airliner go overhead is a big deal out here. We have not seen a plane or another ship in over 2 weeks. Now at 1800z 1400 local - I just spotted what looks like a square rigger off of our port bow headed in our direction, soon to cross our path. A regular traffic jam at sea.

Only 377nm to go! Land fall is expected in about 48hrs or so, late afternoon/early evening on Thursday the 22nd.

Tomorrow evening we will have to make a slight diversion as our current course takes us directly across the island of Barbados which is 150 miles short of our destination.

We've caught several dorado, one wahoo which we had for dinner last night and the fridge is stocked with fish.

Other than than, not much to report... too hot below to spend too much time typing. This might be my last post prior to Grenada, well have to see.



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