Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enroute to Grenada day 1

Tuesday 12/6/2011 1330z
Position 26 42.773N 18 10.502W
Winds 20-25k Seas 6-8+
2,660nm to Grenada

Well we passed our first 24hr mark for this last leg of the trip at noon today. Our mileage log shows about 140 done and about 2,660 to go. That of course assumes we travel in a straight line. Our sail out of Tenerife was uneventful. We initially motor sailed for a few hours due to uncooperative wind angles, but soon we set the main and then the staysail and have been sailing a broad reach with the wind over the port quarter for 20 hrs or so. The waves are fairly big so we are doing some rocking and rolling - mostly to starboard due to the sailplan we are currently flying.

Our current course has us steering for 25N and 20W - an imaginary point in the ocean. This gets us a bit further south, this point being important that most low pressure systems that cross over from the states would cross north of there so it lessens our risk for heavy weather on the nose or otherwise. Once we get to 25-20 our next way point is Grenada following a great circle route.

Now that Charlie and Jen have joined our crew our watch schedule is somewhat luxurious. We stand 3hrs on and 9hrs off then 3hrs on and 12hrs off. Every 5th day one of us is on Galley duty and does not stand watch. I dread my Galley duty day as cooking is not my forte. I can wash dishes till the cows come home but cooking.... Well being married to my Italian Kate I just don't spend much time on Galley duty anymore. Hopefully when my turn comes, I don't poison the crew.

Getting started on the trip throws your systems off for a loop. You have to get used to the uneven sleep schedules, the constant unending jerking movements the sounds, etc. I - like alot of sailors - take seasickness medications for a few days to just make sure and give your body time to adjust and there are no problems in that regard. When we got to Tenerife, we had been out about 5 days and were finally getting into the groove, your body is used to the whole environment and good to do. Now we are all back in that getting adjusted stage again. This leg there will be plenty of time to get adjusted and in the groove I guess.

Capt John announced his arrival estimate today. Dec 23rd 2pm which would make for an 18 day 7 hr passage. That would be great! It would allow me to get home on Christmas day. (don't make the plans just yet Kate). I made my flight reservations for Dec 29th (our anniversary) but paid for the fully refundable type so that I have the flexibility to do whatever I need when we get to port. Either way I'll be the winner... Kate will be my x-mas present or my anniversary present.. with a Doodle bonus!

The weather is comfortable during the day but still a bit chilly at night. Soon as we continue our trek Southwest we will hit warmer weather in the Tropics and I'll be complaining about the heat.

The moon continues it's waxing (getting bigger) and soon we will have a full moon. It is already quite bright at night due to the moon and I just love the way it dances and shimmers off of the wave tops. I understand that there is going to be an eclipse of the moon on the 10th but don't know if it is going to be visible from here.

Well I think that covers all from here for now.

At 12/6/2011 08:49 UTC saling vessel JAY SEA DEE was at 27°02.88'N 017°44.78'W sailing at 6.5 knots on a course of 235T

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