Friday, December 23, 2011


We are now safely berthed in the Port Lewis Marina in Grenada.  My 1 month sail from Gibraltar to Grenada is over.  Right now I've moved off of the boat and settled into a hotel near the airport to start getting caught up on work that has woefully piled up due to my inability to do as much underway as I had expected.  Tomorrow however I am going over to La Phare Blu to visit with my friends the Wards on a similar sailboat to mine.

We had a contest on the boat to guess our time of arrival at a point off the coast of Grenada.  The first round of guesses was made about 8 days from landfall.  Many of the guesses were off by as much as 1 or 2 days but the closest over all was.......   ME!!  My estimate (notice it's not a guess but an estimate) was within 1hr and 10 minutes of the actual time.  Not too shabby from 1400 miles or so out from the destination.

Here are a few quick pictures from yesterday as we approached.
First the coast... notice the wave... It's blocking alot of the island...  Waves were about 10' or so.

Then of course a self portrait.  
Taken just as we were putting out fenders and dock lines about an hour before tying up at the marina

I think I'm down about 10-15lbs over the month.  
I've been trying to keep up the weight loss even in the face of the bacon and sausage onslaught.  
It will be interesting to see what the total is when I get home.

I'll try and do some wrap up and pictures in a few days once I get settled in at home and rested up.  
I fly home on Christmas day and I'm real excited to reunite with Kate and the Doodles as its been over a month since I left home.  
See you in a couple of days Mama!!  I can't wait!

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