Thursday, December 1, 2011


We arrived in Tenerife in the Canary island yesterday afternoon about 1700.

Total leg distance was about 750 miles and 101 hours or 5 days, 5 hrs.
I'm currently blogging from my iPad as we don't have internet but are setting up the antenna outside to try and catch a signal from somewhere in town.

I've never posted pictures from the iPad to the blog either t compress their size before I upload them.

Here are a few pictures of the trip.

Leaving Gib there was a large passenger liner to clear

This is a shot looking back towards the rock. The classic view is from a different angle.

Our first night at sea begins. Sunset #1 of many to follow.

We were visited by a pod of dolphins who frustrated my efforts to get the best shot. Note how clear the water is. We can watch them swim under the surface from quite a distance off.

On day 3 John broke out the big dried ham leg that Spain is famous for.

Sunset on night #3

Chef John woke us up to the smell of fresh baked banana bread.
Next we get tucked into bed perhaps?

When the seas subsided the boys relaxed on the back patio

Bud starts off BaconFest with some grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches for lunch.

Around 1000 on day 5 we started to clearly see our destination, Tenerife. As we got closer it took on an eerie appearance that reminded me of the island that King Kong was found.

Today's self portrait, taken as we sailed down the western coast of Tenerife to our next port 
Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is both the capital of the islands and their largest city.

This photo was taken of the Auditorio de Tenerife just as we entered the breakwater to the harbor. Its architecture is meant to be symbolic of a sailboat. From a shoreside angle the symbolism becomes more apparent.

After we got tied up and settled in to the marina, we took a walk into the city last night and I found it quite beautiful with tree line tropical streets and outdoor cages. As it was dark I did not get any photos just yet. We had a few ice cold beers and toasted to our manliness finished off by a nice supper at an outdoor sidewalk cafe. I was struck by how friendly people here are as well as how happy everyone seemed.

We can,t seem to get wifi here so I am composing the blog on my iPad but can't upload photos from it so I hope to find a hotspot later where I can bring my laptop to upload the photos and finish the job.

If I'm successful I will try to include a couple of shots of the city.

We plan to stay here for a few days, the rest of the crew joining us on Sunday and then Monday we shove off for the long leg across the Atlantic to Grenada.

First of course are the daily sunsets

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