Friday, December 9, 2011

Plowing Along... Day 5 Friday Dec 9

1745z 1645 local
Pos 23,43.747N 026,07.273W
Winds 18k From the east seas 4-6' and building
Temp 70 thin overcast

After about 30hrs or so of lighter wind and motoring, the winds have returned as forecast and are slowly building, and along with the wind so builds the seas. Still, the wind comes from a perfect direction so the waves are coming from behind and helping, along with the wind, to push us ever so steadily towards our far off island destination.

I survived my turn as galley slave with minor damage. (we'll just call it the towel incident and leave it at that) Last night i could not find the chicken that I needed in the freezer so I took the easy route and made some spaghetti with jarred sauce. It was not my finest moment but no one threw me overboard so I guess I passed, and now have 4 days to recuperate. After sweating in the galley, cleaning up the dishes, it was time for a nice cool shower and then into the rack around 9pm for a few hours of sleep before my midnight to 3am watch. Tonight I have the 0300-0600 watch.

Today Charlie is on Galley Duty. For breakfast he offered up toast and/or cold cereal and the Dinsmoor boys started protesting the lack of meat and for a moment it looked as if it could get ugly but cooler heads prevailed and we stayed with the healthier option. I was considering that I might have to up my cholesterol meds as a preventative. Tonight Charlie is whipping up a shepards pie. Is there whipcream on that? Tomorrow we will have gone full circle and John is back on duty and he has promised us a Dennys Triple Slam Meat Lovers Delight. Bud better hurry up and catch a fish!

If it seems like I've been talking alot about food... well I guess that I have. When day after day the biggest difference is what you eat it becomes a focal point.

Our wind today has increased like I said. It is blowing nicely and with our two big headsails pulling us, we are racing along leaving a hissing trail of foam in our wake. The winds are forecast to continue to slowly increase the next few days and peak out in the 25-30k range so the seas should get back into the 10'+ range. It should be an excellent sleigh ride east, pushing us steadily towards Grenada.

Our trip meter is now down to 2,148nm to go. Starting out with about 2,800nm total distance for the leg we are pretty close to the 25% done mark for this leg. I think tomorrow around this time we should drop below 2,000 miles. YAY!

Bud has had several bites on his fishing lines and 3 dorado (Mahi Mahi) right up to the boat where they were lost. I told him not to lose faith - they were all small ones and should have stayed in the Atlantic anyway. The big one is just up ahead.

I guess tonight is supposed to be a lunar eclipse, but my friend Bobby (has the same boat as me) emailed me and told me that it will not be visible to us. That's ok, I'm enjoying the full moon brightness for now. I'll be seeing Bobby & his wife Lesley in Grenada as their boat is there.

I hope everyone had a nice week and enjoys the weekend. Out here there will be no weekend until we hit shore.

Till next time.

At 12/9/2011 06:02 UTC saling vessel JAY SEA DEE was at 24°06.44'N 024°44.89'W sailing at 7.2 knots on a course of 263T

radio email processed by SailMail
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