Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A visit to another world

Today we drove 310 Miles from Dead Horse Utah to Wahweap National Forest Campground on Lake Powell just outside of Page Arizona.  Here is todays route map.   We have some where over 2800 miles on the tripometer so far.   I forgot to look at the exact tally.  The truck turned 10,000 miles yesterday.  I'd say the diesel is starting to get broken in.

I chose todays route to take us south on US 160 thru the Monument Valley which straddles Utah and Arizona.   It is one of the coolest places I've ever driven.  The photos below were taken at point B on the above map.

Lonely Planet

This stretch of road runs along the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park which is the Navajo version of a National Park.  The Monument Valley has been used in many western films & was a favorite of director John Ford who shot several John Wayne films here including Stage Coach & The Seekers.

Monument Valley was also used in 2001 a Space Oddessey and is also at the beginning and the end of Windtalkers.  (great true WW2 war film if you never saw it)

This last photo is inside the tribal park & was not shot by me.

Heading further south and then west in Arizona we continued to cross some very desolate and sparsely inhabited country.  Along the road however we did spot a few characters.   This guy we had to pass because I was afraid he might start losing parts in front of me.

Finally we arrived at our home for tonight and tomorrow.

Here is the view from our camper.  I spent a few hours working tonight with that as my view outside the window.  That is Lake Powell in the background.

Here is our site

It is a National Forest Campground but really has the feel of a resort.  I continue to be amazed at what a great job all the Federal Agencies do with our National Lands.....  A case study of where government does a great job.  If only we spent a tenth on our parks as we do on the Military.

Lastly - todays self portrait.  
We crossed a lot of open range today (unfenced land where cattle can walk on the road) and when you go from open to closed rangelands you always cross a cattle grate in the road.  Its something that the cattle can't cross but cars can.  When you cross it the tires make this rumbling sound that sends Gracie into red alert.  She starts panting and shaking.    This was her snuggling up with Kate after we crossed a grate.  Lucy is still in the back seat (the doodle nest) just chilling and enjoying the ride.

Tomorrow we are going to visit some of the slot canyons outside of Page Az.  If you have never seen photographs of slot canyons you are in for a real special treat.

See you then.

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