Friday, May 27, 2011

Good by Grand Canyon - Hello Zion!

Day 2 our final day at Grand Canyon North Rim turned out to be another day of beautiful sights and beautiful weather.

After a couple of hours of phone meetings for work, followed by some computer time - we eventually headed out with the Doodles for a 3 mile walk along the bridle path to the North Rim Visitor Center and back.

Back to camp we dropped the monsters off and headed out to Cape Royal.  Before we did however it was time to take advantage of some sweet fuel prices.

When we left NC, Diesel was costing me $4.09/gal.  The best prices I found so far was about $3.87 in Texas and Oklahoma.  Once we got out to Utah & Arizona where it is way way far between towns the prices shot up to around $4.35.

When we got to the North Rim I had only used 15 gallons of my 50 gallon tank and I figured the fuel price here would be even higher but was pleasantly surprised to find the price to be $3.66. 
And that included the full-service treatment by Walt the fuel guy from Alaska.  

It turns out that this is very early in the season for the North Rim and they have not ordered fuel yet this season so we got to take advantage of last years prices.   A little extra Diesel Additive (I don't leave home without it) and we saved ourselves $10 on the 15 gallons  

 I was just informed by a reader in Beaufort that Diesel is down to $3.79.  Thats a $.30 drop in 2 weeks.  Maybe I wont have to get Kate a job to pay for our way home after all.

Our trip out to Cape Royal shows the colors found in the canyon are quite varied.

Greens & Reds & Shades of brown...

Desert Pastels...

In the distance is the "Painted Desert"  the sand there is all the colors of the rainbows.

How many colors can you find in this picture?

The Colorado River is less visible from the North Rim.  Here in the center of the photo you can spot it down at the bottom of the canyon.   Still doing its canyon building - albeit at a slower pace due to dams and flood control.

Does Kate look like she's enjoying the Canyon?

Finally our self portrait of the day

Tomorrow we pick up roots once again and head on down the road.

Our next stop is Zion National Park in Southwest Utah, 150 miles and 3 1/2 hours further west.  

On the way we pass thru the twin cities of Colorado City, Az and Hinsdale, Ut.  
Both are famous as being the former home of Warren Jeffs the convicted polygamist.  The towns are mostly polygamists and Kate can't wait to drive thru.   

I've warned her that if she doesn't behave herself I might just dress her up in a Prairie Dress and toss her out on the way thru town.....  I can't repeat here what she said to that :-)

T - I promise to try and keep up on my game and not let you down!


  1. Kate and Admiral: You both look great! Like you're having the time of your lives. Great shots. Don't think I've ever seen my sis climb a tree!! Enjoy.


  2. Again, great photis, it is more beautiful than i recall. Cant wait for us to do this trip....looks like you guys are fully into the...."Island Spirit" mode


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