Monday, May 16, 2011

Trains, Trucks, and Barges

Tonight we are settled into Aux Arc Park.  An ACOE (Army Corp of Engineers) campground on the bank of the Arkansas river just upstream from the Aux Arc Dam and about 30 miles from the Arkansas/Oklahoma border.

The name "Aux Arc", later simplified to "Ozark",  was given to this bend of the river by the French explorers. "aux arcs" meaning "of the arches" is even suggested as an abbreviation of "aux arcs-en-ciel", French for "toward the rainbows"

Our route today

along the way we passed by a town that is owned by a friend of mine...   yes he owns the whole town!   See the road sign?  He owns the town of Beebe.   They are going to meet us in Napa and buy me my own vineyard...   I can't wait!

Finally we arrived at our Campsite - Aux Arc Park

Behind us is the dam.   On the far shore is a lock where barges traveling up and down the river can lock thru.  This is a major waterway to the Mississippi.   Across the river on the opposite bank is the Santa Fe Railroad....   toot toot.  

We are now 1,150 miles into our trip.  Still in long distance Mode.

Tomorrow we remain in that mode and will cross Oklahoma and land another 480 miles down the road in Amarillo, Tx. 

Yes I said Amarillo, Texas.....

Home of the Big Texan Steak Ranch....

Move over Mustang Ranch....   This is where the real men go!

The Big Texan Steak Ranch...   Home of the 72oz Sirloin Steak.   If you can eat it and all the Fixins - it's free!

Kate has a real hankerin for a good hunk of meat and she just might mosey up to the steak bar and say:

Pardner -  Fix me up!!

Stay tuned....  this should be good!

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  1. Fantastic....this is such a FUN trip. Great job on the photos and the blogging. THANK YOU...Hey, don't get too distracted driving and bloggin and photos and email....BE SAFE now, we have a long way to go...


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