Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upper Antelope Canyon

Another awesome day!

Todays schedule was light so as to give me plenty of time to get work done.   Getting up at 5am I was able to get 7 solid hours in before we hit the trail....   And hit the trail we did!

Our plan was for a mid-day visit to Upper Antelope Canyon.  It is a "slot canyon"  a deep narrow canyon carved by flash flooding out of sandstone.   The walls are polished over the eons by those flash floods.  The sunlight has a difficult time penetrating the depths and that is why we selected our 1pm tour time.  The sun would be high in the sky and allow the rays to penetrate the depths.   We were not disappointed.


Throw a handful of sand in the air then snap snap snap

Kirk to Enterprise - 3 to beam up.

We have hundreds of photos.  One more surreal than the next.  All I can say is what a place!

Antelope Canyon - both upper and lower canyons - are on Navajo Land and you may only visit them as part of an organized tour.  In 1997 before tours were mandatory - 11 tourists were killed in in a flash flood.  To get there and back you and 11 of your best friends get to ride on these desert party busses.

Picture about 10 of them racing and bumping across the desert and you get the picture.   We were the only Americans on our group of 12.   Several were young German College students from Kansas City who were traveling to California and back by car - in a week and a half!!  A couple of other young ladies were Chinese college students from Illinois.  Rounding out the group were a few people from France.  It was so nice to be a part of this multi-national bunch - all here just to enjoy the wonders of nature.

On the way back to camp we stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam.   This dam holds back the Colorado River forming Lake Powell.  (Lake named after Kates best friend Mary)

This is the dam - picture taken from the bridge over Glen Canyon.

This is Glen Canyon - looking downstream from the bridge

Here is the dam with the bridge in the background.

Tomorrow - sadly we pick up roots and head to another hole in the ground....   A little ol place called Grand Canyon.  See you then.


  1. All right.... now THESE are my favorite pictures! I have a feeling the pictures don't do justice to actually seeing them but thanks for sharing them!

  2. The pictures are great! The are making a beautiful screen saver for my computer. I should of thought of this on your last trip. I've got my own slide show going on here. I'm really enjoying the ride. kas


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