Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Man River...& what a nasty old man he is

Today we crossed the Mighty Mississip...

From my old Trucker days - I must have crossed the Mississippi at Memphis a hundred times but today was a first.  I have never seen the river so swollen.  What is normally a 3/4 mile crossing of water and then several miles of dry flood plain - today was a good 5 miles of angry muddy water.

Crossing into Arkansas

On the Arkansas side - the flooded land went on for a good 4 miles or more

Sorry if the pictures aren't perfect but it's hard to steer, shoot pictures, answer emails from work, and eat lunch at the same time.

Crossing the eastern half of Arkansas it seems like the whole damn state is under water.  Every river was swollen miles beyond their normal banks.   No wonder Bill & Hillary bought a house in NY.

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  1. Hey Kate & Greg!
    Wow! It is great to already be receiving lots of pictures and information on what you're seeing and doing. I've realized that on your trip you will not only see beauty but also disturbing things like damage from storms and flooding. I am sure it is shocking and a bit scary to see the Mississippi River and other rivers in Arkansas so high. Has the flooding changed your route?

    Dear God,
    Bless those who have been affected by the storms and flooding this spring. Please comfort and support them. Thank you for providing your love which can never be taken away or destroyed. Amen.


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