Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snowy Night at Mesa Verde

OK..  I just had to include a couple of pictures that we just took.  It's just too pretty here right now.

Here is our view tonight

Of course Lucy is just keeping my spot in bed nice and warm.....

Good girl!

Just after I took these pictures Kate gave me a good scare.  She was going outside to wipe the snow off the satellite dome and wound up falling down the stairs.

I have a feeling she's gonna be sore tomorrow.


  1. Hey Kate and Greg!

    So sorry to hear about the crazy travel conditions and slippery steps! You ok Kate? I hope today is more pleasant and that you get to explore Mesa Verde. I would love to see pictures of the cliff dwellings!

    Dear God,
    Please provide healing to Kate from her fall. Keep Kate and Greg warm and rested after driving in difficult weather conditions.

  2. BRR....looks COLD, but beautiful. Thanks again for the fun blogging,

  3. Thanks for the compliments Hayden, but you know I could not do all this remote blogging without all the help from you. Your advise has truly helped me cut the cord. Kudos to you!

  4. wow! i was so hot today and you guys have snow! (i know i'm a day late!) hope you all are having a fun relaxed time! love you guys and see ya soon! God Bless and safe travels


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