Sunday, May 15, 2011

Over the Smokies and running with the big boys

Today  (Sunday) we hit the trail around at 0815 headed to our next stop, 7 Points Army Corp Campground  just east of Nashville.

It was a mixed bag of weather, some rain, some overcast, and some beautiful blue skies.

Here is a shot going down the road approaching the Great Smoky Mountains.

After crossing the Smokies we finally had to think about feeding the Beast (getting Diesel Fuel).  Our new 50 gallon tank has given us some real sweet range.  We drove almost 500 miles and still had about a 1/4 tank left when we pulled into the truck stop.

$160 later (ouch) we were back on the road.

We crossed into Central time so we gained an hour and got to our Sunday night home about 4:30p

It is 7 points campground on a lake just east of Nashville.  It is a real pretty place - great showers, great wireless signal, and best of all - Survivor is on at 7pm instead of 8pm - so we can watch the finale and still get to bed early.

This is our pull-thru site (#59)

When we arrived - I didn't realize it at first but I had pulled into site 57.  We took the doodles for a walk and I started thinking about it - went back and checked the map and sure enough we were in the wrong spot.  No big deal - we just packed up and moved and 5 minutes later were in the correct spot.

I then put on my work hat.   I had some contracts that had been emailed to me - looked them over, signed, scanned and emailed back to the client.  Did the company payroll and transmitted that.  Answered a few more emails and now have a jump on my Monday.   The internet is a beautiful thing.  My traveling office passed it's first test.

Now its time for some coffee and Survivor.

Tomorrow we hit the road westbound another 8hrs or so to Ozark Arkansas, about 30 miles from the Oklahoma border.   Colorado - here we come!

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