Saturday, November 16, 2013

Home Again

After leaving Charleston Friday morning we had a 5 hr drive back
to the shack.  It was a nice sunny day and the drive went quickly.

It's hard to believe that this quick trip started in September and included
visits with friends in Williamsburg, then the Rally in Goshen (which
Kate and I prefer to forget) and then almost a month of traveling
with Jim & Kristi thru Ohio, Gettysburg, the Blue Ridge followed
by a dash west to Phoenix - the purchase of the Dog House - a week in Tucson
and then 10 nights in the Dog House.

The Dog house house turned out to be an excellent addition to the RV Fleet.
Kate and I both find it a great travel vehicle - very comfortable - and we
are looking forward to further adventures in it and the Monty.

This morning was clean out the dog house day and give it and the truck a quick bath.
Ahh...  they are both clean again.

Soon we'll be hauling the boat behind but that is for another day...

After the wash it was time to take the dog house off of the truck.

First I lower the jacks and lift the camper up a couple of inches off of the truck bed.
Once the camper is clear of the truck bed I disconnect the power supply
that runs from the truck to the camper
(See it hanging just behind the cab)

I then pull forward very carefully till I am clear of the camper.

I'm now clear of the camper and can lower it down closer to the ground
in the storage position.

Here it is lowered.
This is the same configuration that it would be in if we were camping in
it but wanted to leave it at a campsite.

We would of course level it with the jacks....
Here the driveway slopes away from the house and I did not worry
about leveling it.   Each jack works independently so I have
full adjustment capabilities.

I am now in clean out the garage mode.
We want to consolidate and throw stuff out to get a head start in
case the house sells in the near future.

In any event - we are home till mid-December at which point we will turn
around and head back out to Tucson, pick up the Monty
and spend the winter like last year camping in the desert.


  1. Amazing efforts and s great run. The dog house looks very cool. What a great adventure you both are living. Thanks for the fun read.

  2. Glad you're home!


  3. Welcome home after an interesting and successful dash across the country! Your neighbors are probably saying, "The Kerlins are back and there's something different about their camper, but I just can't figure out what it is!"


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