Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Doodles geta New Do

I put it off for as long as I could…
When I could wait no longer it was time to break out the scissors, clippers,
slicker brushes and combs.

It was Haircut Weekend in Doodletown!

Yes I said "Weekend"
For a non-pro like myself this is a job best tackled in stages over two days.

The before pictures:

Gracies hair is fleece.  
It's very curly and tends to matt and tangle easily.
She has the hardest hair to groom.

Lucys hair is finer and straighter…  much easier to groom
but still no day in the park.
Plus - Lucy is bigger - more real estate to attend to.

To cut them - first I must brush and detangle them.   
Brush out any matts then
get them combed out down to the skin.
That is 80% of the work.

The clipping is easy but there cannot be any tangles or the
feet of the clipper will not pass thru the jungle of hair.

I do them in Sections.
Gracie first since she is tougher.
I start with the back and top of head.

Then Lucy second since by then I'm getting tired so the work is easier.

Gracie mid way after about 3 hours.
(notice the pile of hair starting to grow)

Next is Lucy.

After about 6 hours (my whole Saturday)
I called it a day.

Sunday around 11 we were back at it.
Another couple of hours (and pile of hair later) and by the second
round of NFL Sunday games they were both done.

The new Doodles

With their new haircuts they are "desert ready"

Less hair means less burrs, twigs, sticks, critters, dust etc…

While I have the clippers out….
Where is Kate?


  1. I'll bet they're glad its done too!! :)

  2. They are the mist lovable dogs in the world!!!!! Beautiful kids you have there.

  3. Awesome job! I have 5 more for you to do at my house. LoL.
    In the first couple of pictures I thought Gracie was really mad about this whole haircut thing but it looks like she came around in the end! T

  4. They look beautiful! XXOO Rose

  5. And they just sit there? Wow you need to show me how you do that! They look GREAT! Hope to meet all of you someday.

  6. I think there's a job for you on a sheep ranch in New Zealand awaiting your expertise. Your humor will fit right in with those Kiwis.


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