Thursday, December 19, 2013

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag Kate (Happy Birthday Kate)

Today is Kates Birthday.
Just like last year we celebrated the day with dinner at
The German Cafe in Sierra Vista.

What a great place.
If you love German food like we do…
and find yourself almost in Mexico…
Stop in for Mittagessen or Abendessen.
(lunch or dinner)

We started the evening by toasting surviving another year
 with a Warsteiner Dunkelbier.

When dinner arrive Kate was like…
"hurry with the pictures… I wanna eat!"

Our self portrait.
(not easy with the iPhone)

Kate had Jagerschnitzel with Red Cabbage and Potato Pancakes

I had Zigeunerschnitzel also with Red Cabbage & Potato Pancakes

Both Schnitzels are thin pounded pork, breaded and fried.

The Jager has a "Hunter Style" brown gravy with mushrooms.
The Zigeuner has "Gypsy Style" spicy gravy with red peppers and onions.

Both were delicious.  The only way to get better Schnitzel is to
have a German friend like we do - come to your house and make it for you.

We both tried to eat slowly and savor the moment but alas it was soon finished.
I was sorry to see my empty plate.

Kate thoroughly enjoyed her Birthday dinner.

We took our desert to go….
Kate has a slice of German Chocolate Cake.
I have a slice of Rum Cake.
I have to finish this blog so that I can have an expresso and my cake.

With luck we be enjoying our third year next December at
The German Cafe.

Guten Appitit
Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag Kate.


  1. Thanks for the post. Happy birthday to Kate and definately a place on the list for a good German meal.
    Safe travels.

  2. Yummy! You guys have a tradition to keep up with now! I love the opening pic with the blog! That guy cracks me up! "He's the life of the party that he doesn't attend" must be good beer!


  3. where are the doddles??? No doggie bag??? OH NOOOO

  4. Happy Birthday Katie! Sounds like you had a great day! T

  5. Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday!! Happy birthday Kate, happy trails....
    You'll have to come visit at the lake. You have probably heard we put 2 new rooms on. Plenty of room & very comfortable. Cheryl

  6. Happy Bday Kate.....

    We are off to the Casa Bavaria where we will meet fellow IP-350 owners at their Restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. Hope it is as good as yours looks!

    Wish this place was in business when we lived in Sorry Vista!


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