Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well since my last post we have been busy.
We moved the dog house down to Temp Storage in Casa Grande, Az.
Then moved the Monty down to Catalina State Park north of Tucson.
Then last night moved the Monty up to Casa Grande, transferred
all of our stuff (that will fit) into the Dog house...
Transferred the refrigerator contents from the Monty to the Dog House,
and as I write we have finally spent one night in the Camper - back here
at Catalina State Park.

Last night finishing up loading/unloading.
We shut down the Monty and left it till we return in December.

Our transition into the Dog House went just fine.
We have a bit of clutter of course but we've already thought of ways that
we will organize..  a hook or two here ...   a shelf there...

We'll learn to food shop lighter for instance.
We can carry a lot more in the Monty.  
In the Dog House we'll just shop more often.

The Doodles were a bit lost at first.
The bed is much higher off the floor but Gracie was jumping up and down
in almost no time.   Lucy was more timid and once up there she stayed put.

They are finding the best spots for looking out the windows and surveying the surroundings.

In the Queen Sized bed the 4 of us wrestled for position.
The Dogs won!

The new bed and mattress topper is a winner.
We both slept like rocks in the dark Tucson Skies.

This morning dawned cool and clear and I ran the heat.
Of course it had that new RV Heater Smell that needs to be burned off,
but the small size heats up nice and toasty in short order.

Today I got some needed parts and hooked up the Satellite TV.
I've tested all the systems and everything works just fine.

I've loaded and unloaded the Dog House off the truck a couple of times..
No problems there....

So - we are staged and ready to head east but will stay here for one more day and
enjoy a down day.   Seems like we have been so busy that this is our first time
to finally sit and enjoy the weather.

The doods don't care.
As long as they have somewhere to catch some ZZZZ's they are happy.

Friday we'll head back to City of Rocks in NM and be able to grab one of the smaller
 interesting sites.   Then Saturday and Sunday and Monday we'll work on getting
across Texas....  That's just one big ass state!

I've got a couple of interesting places that we are going to stop at along the way
home, and hope to visit a couple of the Painted Churches of East Texas when
passing thru there so stay tuned.

My rough itinerary home - (subject to instantaneous change on a whim)

Follow the Map Points

B   Friday                              City of Rocks SP  NM
C   Sat                                      Balmorhea SP Texas
D   Sunday                   South Llano River SP Texas
E  Mon     Schulenburg, Tx - Painted Church's Area
F  Tues                             Fontainbleu SP Louisiana
(Stopping there to restock with Boudin  google it - Yum!)
G  Weds                     Seminole Lake - Marianna, Fl
After than - perhaps another stop or two enroute home...  perhaps not.


  1. Wow! You guys were super busy! I love the dog house! I know a wood surgeon who can make some shelves ;) lol! Have a safe trip & be careful.


  2. That camper is very cool. Is that a crow's nest on top?

  3. Looks great! Ah... The Painted Churches... We toured them all back when we lived in Austin. Really enjoyed seeing them as they are very unique. I grew up Catholic but none of the churches I attended ever looked like these. Extremely ornate inside. Glad you are going back to the City of Rocks. Hoping we can stop off there again on our way to Quartzsite in January. You should find a cool place to camp there with the dog house. We would love to camp in some of those areas. I spent hours hiking around up in the rocks last time we were there, it's bigger than you'd think once you get deep inside. Saw the biggest roadrunner I've ever seen there. Have fun!

  4. Thanks for the update. Funny how the Dodds seem to always make out. Adapt and over come. Safe travels.

  5. Very interesting that you can easily remove the Dog House. Enjoy your eastward trip! (Respectfully request that you bring back the self-portrait!)

  6. I love your blogs, Greg! I bet you love pulling that puppy into a site verses Monty Hall!

    Safe Travels and looking forward to Quartzite!

    xoxoxo Kristi and Jimbo

  7. I kept looking at the photo of your Dog House and something clicked today. Do you store it at Sundance RV Resort in Casa Grande? We pulled our Monty Site # 58 back into storage until next week. We live a mile away from Sundance. We were also at Goshen along the railroad tracks and the "babbling brook".

  8. Jan, we are keeping our rigs at the Copper Canyon Self Storage Facility. It is just north of the Airport on Highway 387.

    I am however looking for covered storage for next summer. There is one on Cottonwood ave that would be fine for our boat but for the 5'ver it seems a bit tight to get into.

    If you know of other covered storage places in the Casa Grande area we'd love to hear about them.


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