Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Festival of Lights - Charleston

Another 500 miles today and we are about 6 hours from home.
We stopped tonight at James Island County Park outside of
Charleston, SC.

Its a nice park and at this time of year it is decorated for the holidays with
the most amazing collection of lights.

It is hundreds of acres - with miles of roads and pathways.
Kate and I walked around for an hour or so and enjoyed
the cool night and the beautiful lights.

We decided to walk and see less up close rather than drive and see lots
from afar but experience less.

The reflections in the numerous ponds were really neat.

Here is a short video that we took

Tomorrow we drive about 6 hours and park it for a month or so.


  1. YO....I need that lighted tree in the video on the Bow of Island Spirit. That would be very coolio. Welcome home tomorrow road master!

  2. Holy crap! What was it like to see and hear THAT in person???? Loved the pics! Xoxoxo k and jb

  3. That was awesome! I was jammin ;) looking forward to seeing you all. Have a safe trip back.


  4. Hurry and get your lights up. I'm working on a Ditto sign.


  5. Wow, love the video! I'm sorry to hear your travels are coming to an end for now. I really do think you missed your calling... you should be writing a book about your travels.

  6. So glad that y'all were able to stay with us for the night and experience the Holiday Festival of Lights! Come back anytime!


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