Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Big Chill

We continue eastward.
Yesterday we departed Houston early due to a cold front that was moving
southward with high winds.  I wanted to get as far east as possible before the high
winds from the north created a cross wind and make driving more difficult.

We made it into Fountainebleu State Park about an hour before the cold
front and the winds hit in earnest.

We stayed here last spring when we visited New Orleans and found it was a
convenient stop along our eastward route.

The campsites were decorated with this whole Halloween thing.

Our main reason for the stop however was to make a return to Saia's Meat Market to pick
up more Boudin.
The link above will explain what it is, but not how delicious it is.
Our freezer in the Dog House is now filled with 18lbs that we purchased yesterday and
asked them to put into their freezer for us.
We stopped by this am at 0800 just as they opened...  I filled up our
freezer with these frozen yummies and we hit the road.

Kate gives the thumbs up of a mission accomplished.

Last night the winds howled and the temps dropped below freezing.
We were snug and comfy in the Dog House.
This morning dawned cold and frosty and I had only packed shorts for the trip
home so while everyone was bundled up in winter clothes I'm running
around in shorts and t shirts....  I must have been a sight!

We fought the cross winds today and moved another 350 miles east and now
are on the shore of Lake Seminole near Chattahoochie, Fl.

This is a great Army Corp Campground - we stayed here last spring and
have added it to our go to list for a great place to overnight.

Kate made a nice campfire and we warmed by the fire and had a couple of brews.
Then just as the sun was getting low in the sky it was time to take the doods for a walk
before dinner.

The view of our camper from across the campground.

There are only a few other campers here so its nice and peaceful.

The view out the back door.

Tomorrow we head to Charleston, SC.
We are going to stay at James Island County Park.
We stayed there when we traded the old Cougar for the Monty.
They are having their annual festival of lights right now so it should be an
interesting and beautiful evening.
I've also found what is supposed to be one of the best barbecue places in
the US that is located in Charleston so we are planning on stopping and getting some
carryout on the way to our park. 

I'll let you know our culinary opinion once consumed.


  1. You guys always have a mission! Enjoy. RoseH

  2. Is there a second refrigerator in the works for the Dog House?

    Safe travels.

  3. How the heck do you find all these cool places and happening events? When we travel, we always seem to just miss an event or are there too early. Great DOgHouse rig, love it.

  4. If you get a chance, a day's worth of dining - three great spots in "Chucktown" are Caviar & Bananas (a coffee shop/deli) near the College of Charleston, Fast & French, a crowded lunch counter type of place neat the Courthouse and Blossom, for a lovely dinner. Have fun!

  5. Gorgeous sunset! You know it's good meat when there's a huge cow in the parking lot ;) lol enjoy!



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