Friday, November 8, 2013

Back at Rockhound

We've begun our dash back to the coast...
More like a crawl since we are planning on it taking 6 days but
"dash" sounds more dramatic.

Tonight we had planned on a return visit to City of Rocks State Park about
25 miles north of Deming, NM but before we got to Deming I told Kate that
I was getting saddle sore and looking to get out of the Cab of the truck, and considering
that tomorrow is almost 6 hrs we decided to stay at one of our favorites,
Rockhound State Park, just outside of Deming.

We are always treated to a great sunset here and tonight was no exception.

We had happy hour as the sun treated us to the finest of sunsets.

Tomorrow we are back on the road early and headed to Texas.

Meanwhile - I've been getting asked to continue our self portraits...
Once again I forgot tonight - so instead I'll leave you with this one.

It's been interesting watching the Doodles get used to the new camper.
The bed is much higher off of the floor and presents some challenges for them to get
up into it.
The outside door is much higher off the ground when loaded on the truck as well.

Lucy has been more tentative about jumping up whereas Gracie is the little acrobat.
Last night she leaped from the dinette seat into the bed.   It was pretty funny.  She looks
like a squirrel running an obstacle course.

We've set up a little spot for them to sleep by either window in the sleeper and 
slowly they are getting used to it.   It means a better sleep for mama and papa too since
the Dog House has a Queen Size bed whereas the Monty is King Size.

Slowly life in the Dog House is settling into a rhythm.


  1. That makes me smile that Gracie is acting like a squirrel and jumping up and getting use to the dog house. how cute.

  2. Six days, I take 15 to 20. Love the Doddles finding their space.
    Safe Travel, hope to see you in Dec when I am in New Bern.

  3. If you don't post a real selfie soon, we are going to wonder what you have done with Kate! Something fishy going on!

  4. Which is nicer? Beautiful sunset or cuddling Doodle Dogs???? Toss up! Safe travels and Happy Trails to You!

  5. The doodles look comfy & cozy! Happy travels :) tell Kate we are looking forward to seeing her again at the firepit parties!


  6. Doodle LOVE....FUN


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