Thursday, October 3, 2013

Escape from Goshen

Free at last...  Free at last...

The blog has been silent for a while and I guess that I should explain
as several folks have emailed me and said  WTF?

Wow.   What a week.

Kate & I did not enjoy that rally at all.

My last post about the factory tour got me in all sorts of trouble with
the powers that be in the Montana Owners Club (MOC)

I had asked the factory rep who led our tour if it was ok to take some photos
for the blog and he said "sure - take as many as you like".

So I did.
Then I put a link to the blog on the MOC forum...
That started the whole mess.
It was deleted by the censors that night.

It turned out that someone tattled on me.

Then when someone asked where the post went, I replied that it was deleted,
and questioned why it was and that
ignited a mini drama firestorm of folks who portrayed me as a
corporate spy, rule breaker...
others who said I was owed an apology etc.

When the rule was supposedly announced at one of the functions I was being a 
good little soldier selling raffle tickets...
Everyone was taking over the endless announcements and it was impossible
to hear anything in the big tent anyway.

They had asked first-time attendees to step up and volunteer to help operate the
rally so that's what we did.   Big mistake.
Like I say - no good deed in life goes unpunished.

We spent all of our time at all of the functions working - selling tickets,
holding raffles, when instead we could have been hanging out with some
folks that we knew from Quartzite and just having a good time.

Then our reward was....

I had people coming up to me during the functions explaining the rules to me,
others apologizing...   

I've seen others on the MOC get it even worse.
Especially if they complain about something.

The internet "pack mentality"
"Mouse Balls"

Goshen was for us a whole different "vibe" than Quartzsite
which is an "unofficial" rally.
Quartzsite was a blast.

Goshen is probably fine for most of the folks who attended but for us
it was our first - and will be our last - "Official Rally"

Well more than enough said about that...   Sorry didn't mean to be so dark.

Much good did come out of our time there.

We met a few new friends that we'll see in Quartzsite.
Dave & Linda just back from Alaska are two.

Kates BFF Mary was able to come for a few days and visit with us.
That was a special treat.

Kristy and Kate got in a tiny bit of Crafts Time...

I went Amish

We finally got out of Goshen today and have landed in a nice
State Park in Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie.
Maumee Bay State Park.

We'll hang here for a while waiting for Jim & Kristi to catch up
and in the meanwhile recuperate and lick our wounds.

It is quiet, we have a pond out back and the fall colors are starting to
paint the landscape with the special tones of the season.

I installed a new satellite dish on the roof of the RV while in Goshen
You can see it in the photo above.
It helps me to keep in touch with the mother ship.
Nanu Nanu.

Our side yard.
We call it "The Recovery Room"

The view out back.

We've seen a bunch of "birders" here so I imagine that
this area must be a big migratory bird area.

With the current Government Shutdown most of the parks that
we intended to visit are now closed 
so we are going to need to figure out where to go from here.

I'm back to blogging so more to come.


  1. Ouch! Sounds like your good deeds were indeed punished this week. Being in trouble for causing trouble is much more fun when its what you set out to do in the first place!

    Glad to see Kate and Mary having fun together. Your new spot on Lake Erie looks lovely. Not sure about the Amish beard, could have worn it to the Philly cheesesteak place!

    Keep on bloggin'

  2. So sorry to hear about all of that Greg. I was totally in the dark and had no idea about all that drama. I saw your blog and the photos you posted on the factory tour and don't see anything that was out of line. I took many of the same photos on last years factory tour and posted them on my own blog. Both years we were told we could take all the pictures we wanted on the tour in the factory however we were told NOT to take photos of the new prototypes or mention anything about them or the features and I can certainly understand that and obliged. From what I can tell so did you. Lots of people on the factory tours were taking photos! I am not sure why you were singled out but I certainly am sorry you were and you guys left with a bad taste of your first rally. You are right, Quartzsite is so much more laid back and FUN! I try to stay out of all the drama that goes on at these functions. I for one appreciate all you and Kate volunteered to do at the rally and it is ashamed that you were treated so poorly.

    On a lighter note... WOW... how nice of you to mention us as your new friends! Wish we had more time to spend with you guys but as usual at this rally it was busy, busy, busy all the time.

    We are spending the night boondocking on a farm north of Dayton, OH. Will head on to WV tomorrow then Virginia and finally NC where we'll stay for a while.

    David wants to know if you got your leak fixed???

  3. My goodness! Sounds like the Deerfield yacht club! Now you can have some peace & quiet. I know it was good for Kate to see Mary. Looking forward to the next blog! Have. Great trip :)


  4. Forgot to mention, Amish looks good on you Greg!



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