Sunday, October 20, 2013

Southbound on the Blue Ridge

Ah the colors of fall.
Today they arrived with a vengence.

We left Appomattox around 1030 with only a 3 hr drive ahead of us.
So we proceeded at a leisurely Sunday Morning pace as we climbed out 
of the coastal plain and slowly onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Our first stop was one of the many pull-offs for some sun and a quick bite
of lunch.

The BRP runs along the ridges of the mountains and was located as to take
maximum advantage of the views.

Another stop further down the road.

With a 45 mile speed limit it lends itself for a leisurely ride.
Along the way the colors provided a visual feast.

Along the way we stopped at the Mabry Mill, a popular stopping
place along the parkway.

Jim & Kristi check out the blacksmith shop.

After we settled into our camp for the night we explored the nearby "town"
Being Sunday and in prime leaf season the place was hopping.
A bunch of antique cars were out for the day.

As I write this blog, the sun has set and we are sitting by the fire.
Another fine day has come to a close...
The crisp air promises frost on the pumpkin tonight.
Cocktail hour and a warm fire.
The simple delights of life on the road.


  1. Tim and I did the B.R.P. in 1986 on our cross country camping trip. Such a gorgeous road. Hope to do it again sometime.

  2. Hi Amtes,
    All the time Great to watsch your pictures and read some Stories. It lets me carry to Dream ... To my nett travell.
    Take care you both and all the best for you.
    Marcello, Switzerland, adliswil


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