Saturday, October 5, 2013

A rainy day

We are still at Maumee Bay State Park
along Lake Erie in Ohio.

Last night Jim & Kristi, having finished up their business
in Elkhart finally caught up with us and our little circle is complete.

Below is their rig with ours next to them in the background.

The rains have moved in for the next few days but that is ok.
When traveling, where we are is home and you have to expect some rain
from time to time at home.

The ladies take advantage of the weather to work on some projects.

Gracie takes advantage of the day to catch some of that
all important 23hrs a day of shut-eye.

I've been taking advantage of the weather to get a jump on some projects that I'm
working on for my job.
We removed/replaced some chairs and I installed a desk and new work area
in the RV to better allow me to maximize my time and the space.

My new office in the rig is a much more functional set up.
I have the printer and scanner right at hand on my desk.
My office view is constantly changing.

The gentle rain is nourishing the wild flowers that surround us.

Kate has a pot roast going in the crock pot for dinner tonight.
Our neighbors will be over for dinner and a bottle of wine...
or two.

We'll probably figure out where our next stop will be and its looking more like
Gettysburg is going to have to be bypassed due to the government shutdown.

This was one of Kates bucket list items so I feel bad for her but
we'll just have to keep in on the list of places we want to visit down the road.


  1. I've got to ask... where did you find that desk? I have been wanting to set up a little office area and that desk appears to be the right size and color that I need.

    We are in Virginia for the night and NC tomorrow... YES! It is already feeling like home. Today's drive was pretty through the Appalachian mountains with the leaves at their peak colors.

    About that Mayberry Restaurant in WV... I have no idea the connection but they did have Andy photos all over and the menu had items all named after characters from that show. We have been to Mt. Airy to the real Mayberry and thoroughly enjoyed it. David even got a haircut at Floyd's Barber Shop while we were there.

    Sorry you can't visit Gettysburg, I know Kate is disappointed. We used to live 10 miles from there and visited it quite often.

    Love that photo of Gracie! She looks like a stuffed animal. Our little dog, Millenni, tends to want to sleep 23 hours a day as well.

  2. Greg:

    Hope you folks can make Gettysburg. Right after I retired we stayed in the area for 3 days and toured the whole battlefield via bike - was great.


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