Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blue Ridge'in

For the last 3 days we've traveled about 270 miles down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Starting in Virginia we climbed into the 2000' range.
The colors were a mix interspersed with the last of summers green

We spent Sunday night at the Meadows of Dan Campground
and monday morning we saw our first frost of the season.

Yesterday we climbed a bit as we entered North Carolina and our average
altitude was in the 3,000' range.

The colors picked in intensity.
We started to see more reds and oranges.
With the glare, its been tough getting good pictures thru the windshield 
and we are limited as to where we can park two 55' long rigs.

A bit of yesterdays color.

We spent our night in Boone NC camped in a quiet spot with a stream and
Rhododendrons surrounding us.

Last night we did some nice steaks on the barbie
and ate outside.

This morning we continued our journey south and stair-stepped our way up
to the 4,000 and eventual 5,000' sections of the Blue Ridge.

I climbed up an embankment to get this shot of our little caravan stopped at
one of the overlooks that we were able to fit into.

There are hundreds of spots to stop and take in the view or picnic.
Its engineered to take maximum advantage of the views along the way.
When the government built this road they got it right.

Around the 3,500 - 4,000' level we really got to see some of the beautiful
reds and oranges.

We are now in Asheville, NC and have finished our tour of the BRP.
We'll spend three nights here and then on Friday we'll say good-bye to
Jim & Kristi and point our rig west headed to Tucson where we will park it
and return home.

Next:   We visit the Biltmore Estate.


  1. Once again, you show Radeen and Me another place we need to see. The BRP looks wonderful and you hit the colors at the right time. Great last photo! Thank you Team DOODLE...

  2. Does it smell like autumn up north? I sure do miss seeing those colors on the mountains and the smells. Kim

  3. Yes it does.

    One of the first thing I notice is the smell of the leaves

  4. I love your blog. first of all I know where my brother is (Jim) and Kristi. And your pictures are amazing. Keep them coming. Maybe someday you will all make it to Walla Walla Washington


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