Friday, September 27, 2013

Keystone Montana Factory Tour

Today was tour the Factory Day.

Our time was 10am sharp.

First an early morning walk with the Doods...
Lucy decided to take Alan Funt Bear with her for the walk.

Soon it was off to the factory.

Below (a poor picture) of the frame with the bottom pan installed.

Here some wiring has started to be installed.
Plumbing and ducting will be next.

Then the floor is put in place.

Then some interior structures...
Here a bathroom is framed and some kitchen cabinets installed.

The sidewalls are framed in aluminum, and then computer cut foam and
fiberglass is laminated into one solid side piece.

The sides are installed.
The big holes are for large slide outs on either side.

The roof trusses are installed, the interior is finished and slides installed.
The attention to detail was pretty impressive.

The factory produces 15 to 20 units per day.
Here are completed units that just had their final Quality Control Inspection
and now are having the final punch lists worked on.

Finally - the completed rigs sit out side waiting to depart to their new owners
and adventures across the country.

Tonight starts the Mennonite Relief Sale here at the fairgrounds.
It will run until Saturday afternoon.
Our sleepy little park has filled with thousands of visitors.
The food booths have come alive.
Fresh made baked goods, cheeses, ice cream churned in front of you.

Tomorrow we will venture forth and get some pictures of the festivities.

Meanwhile here at the ranch - Kates BFF Mary from Chicago has come
to visit us for a few days.

So its me and my harem.

Life is good.


  1. That was really cool to see! Tell Mary hello.


  2. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with you guys.

  3. Very cool Greg and Kate. That had to be fun touring the factory. Great to see how they build these units.


  4. Interesting photos of your factory tour! Glad to hear Mary is there....I do think you need more than two women and two dogs to call it a harem!!


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