Monday, June 11, 2012

The Stars Arrive

I have a bit of playing catch up to get you all caught up to date.
Before I do however let me simply ask...
Has everyone gone to sleep?
Am I boring you?

Our blog comments and emails have dropped off to zilch...
Nada...  Squat...  nothing...

Comments are the fuel that power this blog..
the price you pay for reading it.

If you are enjoying the blog then let us know.
We want to hear from you.

Now on to some business.

We are sitting at 8,400 on the side of a mountain overlooking Capital Reef National Park.
Capital Reef is amazing and that puts it mildly...  but that is the subject for another blog

Our drive over here Sunday was thru some of the most amazing and beautiful scenery
that I have had the privilege to view.  I'll share some of that with you in another'
blog as well.  

Here we are stopped at one of many scenic overlooks

I've often said to Kate how much I love to drive thru Utah because the scenery seems to 
totally change every 20 miles or so. 

Toward the end of our Sunday drive, we stopped at one of the many beautiful overlooks
that we stopped at that day.  This one had a big tour bus parked there and we
were the only other vehicle.

As I maneuvered our 56' rig into the tight area, I pulled up directly next to the bus, about 3'
away from his side.  On our passenger side was this amazing view...
Looking down several thousand feet towards Capital Reef.
You could literally see for over a hundred miles!

The scenic overlook was jammed with tourists all taking pictures of the view..
That is until we pulled into the lot.

As I parked and we got out we noticed that everyone had turned and was snapping
photos of Kate and I and our rig.

I mean it was amazing...  here was this beautiful - no awesome view - and 50
some people all turned around and started taking pictures of us.

It was very strange to say the least.  I felt so self conscious.

Anyway - we heard the people talking excitedly and pointing at the camper and we
realized that they were French tourists and we both knew that in Europe 
a personal vehicle of this size is just unheard of.

We were actually several feet longer than the tour bus.

Look closely at the people...
They are having the time of their lives.
I particularly like the guy with the cowboy hat.

Kate & I are still chuckling about this stop.
How many conversations will be held about that big american trailer over a bottle of
good French wine and a baguette?

rouler les cow-boy


  1. Interesting, did you talk to any of these people? I thought you were going to say they were taking pictures of Gracie and Lucy. Kim

  2. Greg:

    Been busy painting the house! If it had been French Cruisers they would have been scoping out parts for their boats!

  3. Everyone staring, pointing and laughing - first thing I'd check is if I forgot my shorts. Mountains, mountains and more mountains, I've heard that is why the Mormons settled in Salt Lake. They saw the next set in front of them and said, "Heck with it, we're stopping right here!"

  4. Awww... I'm reading... just barely... a little swamped but I will catch up when karen is back from vacation next week! Sorry I haven't been very good at posting but I promise to do better! Hugs to you all! T


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