Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red Canyon Utah

After an early morning business call, we departed 
Lake Powell this morning around 10am.

Our objective...
Climb a few thousand feet to cooler air.

Our path today took us thru the southern end of the 
Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument.

The Grand Staircase is a very interesting Geological Formation that covers hundreds
of miles from the Grand Canyon to Utah.

It comprises a series of "steps" where you encounter cliffs 800 to 1000' feet high.
Each step brings you higher up onto the Colorado Plateau.

Today we climbed the final 3 of those 5 steps.
I will try to explain the Grand Staircase more in a later blog post.

We are now at approx 7,800' in the Red Canyon.

It is a cool oasis after the heat of the last few days.

We are in a National Forest Campground, no hookups but the quiet in the pines
more than makes up for it.

The Red Canyon is colored....  well red.
I think it's more like the color of a CreamSickle.
The orange color of the canyon walls is unlike anything that Ive seen before.
The contrast of the canyon with the deep blue sky & the green trees makes for a 
visual feast.

Tonight the temps are forecast to drop in the high 30's low 40's.
We've broken back out the comforters and are looking forward to the windows open
and some great sleeping weather.

We are struggling with very slow internet tonight so I'm going to keep this brief
and let some of the pictures do the talking.

This is our campsite, and the view from our campsite.

Tomorrow we'll stay here and visit Bryce Canyon.
I'll also look for somewhere that my internet works better so that I can get 
some of my work done a bit easier.


  1. That looks so beautiful and that is interesting how you go higher to find cooler temps. We have been to lake Powell and know a little about the ares. Beautiful photos...thanks Greg...hugs to Kate n pats to the doods

  2. Greg:

    We've spent some quality time in the area and wondering how many other folks are in the area now? More Thai food tonight after a long day in the yard working on an IP31. After some medical tests early next week we are off to St Pete to hook up with another IP Owner and pick up our latest rigging order from Seco South.

    Now planning a trip to the Chesapeake in late Sept or early Oct and hoping to hook up with the you folks (and the neglected meatballs) What are you plans and do we need to book in early?

    Bobby & Lesley


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