Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red Canyon to Capital Reef

We are back on the grid...
Sitting in Dead Horse Point State Park outside of Moab, Ut.
I have good internet, phone service, and electricity.
The A/C is running and Turner Classic Movies is playing on the tube.

I've got a weeks worth of catching up to do and I'm going to try and do it in on post.

Last Sunday June 10th we drove 108 miles from Red Canyon where we'd been hiding out for
5 days (did I mention that Butch Cassidy had a hideout in Red Canyon?).

We met some great folks from California who were just getting started in RV'ing and
leaving there was sad...  but new ports of call beckon.

Before we left I had some minor maintenance to do to one of the roof vents.
My capable AMWB (Apprentice Mechanic with Benefits) Kate handled the high work for me.

Our 108 mile drive was one of the most scenic drives in America.
I already told you about the French Tourists taking pictures...
We had another one today but thats another story.

Some pics of the drive.

We dropped down into this canyon.  A river ran thru it - hence the greenery

Then we climbed up a 13% grade  (thats extremely steep)
Ran across this mesa, then dropped down the road below.
Aren't the colors just amazing?

Then we climbed up onto another mountain range and ran thru a cool forest of pines
and Aspens.   

The Aspen turn gold in the fall...

They have these little leaves, like silver dollars that flicker when the wind blows.
In the fall, with the gold of the aspen, the blue skies, the flickering of the leaves....
Its about as close to heaven as you can get.

Some of my most memorable times have been in the high country in the fall...
just sitting in a grove of Aspens...  feeling the warmth of the sun on my face...
the cool breeze stirring the leaves...

Soon we dropped down the other side and were greeted by more amazing sights.

Like I said - if you get bored on a ride thru Utah....
You just ain't breathing!

Finally we climbed back up another mountain range and made our home for
2 days  (Sunday & Monday June 10&11) in
Singletree Campground in Dixie National Forest.

Our site - #15 - was on the side of a mountain.
We looked out the back window of the coach and saw the valley 1,500' feet below.
Our view stretched for well over 100 miles.

I really want to come back and spend more time in each of these places.

Next we went to Capital Reef National Park.
This is one of the National Parks that I had never visited before.

But that's the subject for the next blog.

Let me just say that I thought that I had already seen it all....
But then I saw Capital Reef....

It blew my mind!

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