Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bryce Canyon

Join us...
The Earth...  Like the Sun...
Like the air...  Belongs to everyone...
and to no one.

Today was another busy day.
First we drove into the town of Panguich for Breakfast.
We ate at a little local cafe...  The type of place that I frequented back in my
trucker days....   a small cafe on the side of the main street in a dusty town in the middle
of nowhere.
As to be expected..  breakfast was home made, made to order and great!
Just don't be in a rush...  this ain't NYC!

After breakfast we drove about 15 miles or so to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce Canyon is somewhat of a misnomer...  it really isn't a canyon but
just a series or eroded areas along this long ridge.

The colors of the rock and the fanciful shapes are what make this place so special.

The rock shapes are created by layers of rock of differing densities.  Some parts erode
faster than other parts.

The colors are from different minerals (iron, copper etc) that was deposited at 
different times.

The view below is at "Inspiration Point" in the park.  It is reached by a 1/2 mile or so
walk up a steep trail where you gain a good 800' or so in altitude.
At 8,000 + feet it made for some huffing and puffing.

At one of the stops today we met 3 young girls from Switzerland 
who were traveling thru the US.

Turns out they are from Thalwil which is a town just about 20km from our good
friends Marcel and Micheala who live in Richterswil.

Hallo Marcel und Michaela, die Welt wird immer kleiner. Wir vermissen euch beide.

Todays self portrait.

Again...  A Reminder.
If you click on the pictures in the email

If you don't click on the pictures...
You are missing it all!

One more day here in the Red Canyon then its off to
Kodachrome State Park and hopefully better phone and internet connectivity.


  1. Huffing and puffing but you forged ahead and just happened to meet three young ladies at the top - Oh Yea! Like anyone is gonna believe that. Another point, totally of the subject (as usual)- Mac and Margie watching the house reminds me of the JB song "Gypsies in the Palace."

  2. Great pics! You should see if you could link your blog to a traveling site. I think it would be helpful for others following in your footsteps! T

  3. OMG the photos are fantastic and the rocks are beautiful. When we are finished sailing we need to follow some of these trails and go to these places as well. IT really looks beautiful. Thanks Greg and Kate...

  4. Did you see Queen Victoria and the Three Wise Men? Love Bryce Canyon! Thanks for the geology lesson- when I was there as a kid I was only interested in studying the shapes!
    Your pictures are amazing!!

  5. Hey Bob,

    3 young ladies...? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  6. The Gypsies have eaten and drank everything!
    Mac and Margie...


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