Monday, June 25, 2012

And when the Griswolds arrived at Wallyworld.... Wallyworld was Closed!

The fires continue...
We watch the local news for some sign that we will be able to see the sights,
but unfortunately it does not look good.

Making the fireman's work all the more difficult, the temps were again over
100 degrees, the afternoon winds shook the coach, and the humidity
is remaining in the single digits.

You can see the smoke plume from our campsite

With temps over 100 degrees Kate takes a nap...
Yet she still has a sweatshirt on!

Our site overlooks the plains and the city of Colorado Springs

On a sad note:
We received word this morning that Kates Uncle Buddy passed away yesterday.

Buddy was a special guy.
Our times together were special.
He loved his niece and she loved him.

The sad irony of life is that we must accept the sorrow of losing someone 
if we are to experience the joy of loving them.

You'll be missed.
Rest in peace Buddy!

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