Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good by Red Canyon

Well it's Sunday.
It's a cool morning...  the temps dipped down into the high 20's and we were just
as snug as the proverbial bugs with our two furry Doodle Warmers
providing us with some supplemental heat.

Internet is weak here in the canyon, and where we are going today I hear it is
possibly nonexistent.  No phone either.

We've spent the last few days in this wonderful canyon hiking and just enjoying the place.
We hiked about 2 miles and 900 vertical feet to the top of the canyon 
where we enjoyed some wonderful views.
Again - more huffing and puffing to get there but no Bob....
no young Swiss Maidens this time!

Here is a view of the switchbacks on the trail 

Along the way Kate found this ready made recliner.

Eventually we made it to the top and were rewarded with the views!

On the way back down...

Soon we were back down to the camper and it was Miller Time!

We heard a knocking on the back window and lo and behold we saw this
Prairie Dog standing on the back ladder...

Do you hear the music from CaddyShack Playing??

In order to save the local golf pro's the misery that Bill Murray endured we've 
decided to adopt him.
We've named him Bryce in honor of Bryce Canyon.

Finally a self portrait.

This was taken earlier on Saturday when we went down to Kodachrome Basin
and the Grand Staircase and did some dirt-roading.

Later this morning we'll finally break camp and head about 110 miles down the road
to the top of Boulder Mountain where we'll stay in the Singletree NF campground.

Enroute we will travel over the Hogback...  a section of Ut Route 12 that was cut into
the top of a ridge and the ridge is only as wide as the roadway.
With hardly a shoulder - both sides drop off hundreds of feet.

Its a very scenic drive between here an there.
For more info Google Utah Scenic Route 12 and the Hogback.

Lastly - we had some good news from our traveling companion Paul.
He is coming back for an encore performance for one more week.

We will pick him up in Denver on June 29 and then travel up to
Yellowstone and the Tetons.

On July 9 we will drop him back off at DEN and then begin our
long journey back to the East coast.

Between then and now however me have more miles to cover.
Stay tuned and keep those comments and emails coming.
I love to hear the feedback.

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  1. Um, you know that prairie dog in the photo is stuffed, right?! Glad all is going well. Stay warm!!


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