Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kerville, Tx Chasing 100%

On Monday we left Austin, Texas and headed about 2 hrs west
to Kerrville.    Our original plan had us moving on Sunday as I prefer to travel
on non-work days  when possible as its less stressful but a mechanical issue made us wait.

I've been trying to keep the bus at 100% perfect.
No issues on the to-do list.
It seems like it should be easy but these things are very complex machines
and it seems as soon as I have it perfect some little thing pops up that needs my attention.

Last week you might recall - I replaced a malfunctioning solenoid and once again
was at 100%.   That lasted about a day.
On Saturday I was doing some pre departure checks for the following morning
and an error code popped up on my engine display.

The bus has dozens of sensors.
Things like fuel temperature, pressure, ambient air temperature, turbo inlet temp and
turbo outlet pressure,  exhaust gas temp, DEF Tank temp...
Transmission temps, axle temps,  and on and on and on....

Well the error code said there was a problem with my DEF tank temperature.
It was not a major problem - it was an issue with the pollution control system, so the
bus could be driven but discretion told me to get it fixed now rather than have a problem
down the road.  So we delayed departure till Monday so I could get repairs lined up.

The engine is still under warranty so the repairs are free 
which certainly makes it less painful.

After some disagreeable conversations with the Freighliner dealer in Austin,
I contacted Freightliner in San Antonio.  The gentleman there said if I could get down
early enough they would look at it that day and it was probably a quick fix.

So it was south 2 hrs to San Antonio.
We arrived at 1pm.
By 130 the paperwork was complete and a tech had the computer hooked up to the data port.

15 minutes later we were backing into a bay.

The tech had to drop the DEF Tank and replace the whole head sensing unit.

By 430pm we were hooked back up to the Toad and headed 1 hr west on
I-10 to Kerville where we are now situated for the week.

The bus was back at 100%

Thanks to San Antonio Freightliner for running a quality shop and
getting me in and out.

We arrived at the Buckhorn Lake Resort - a very nice RV park in Kerrville, Tx
about 6pm in the dark.   Upon arrival I made a check of all lights (easier in the dark)
and discovered that my roofline clearance lights were out in front and back.

The bus was back at 98%

Our spot at the Buckhorn is very nice.   50amp, Full hookup,
and a beautiful pastoral scene in front of us with pastureland
and a stream.

A big windmill sits smack in the middle of the park. 

And our view out the front window.
A cold front came thru the night we arrived and its been clear,
cool, and beautiful dry air.

The park is all decorated for Christmas already.
Below - the building decorations are reflected in one of the many ponds on the property.

Below - The entrance to the park.
When we arrived, for a moment I thought I was back in my flying days,
 sitting in the pilots seat on short final to Newark.

I had to check and make sure the gear was down...
Fortunately - it was.

One of the barns.

More reflections - a bridge and gazebo.

Well I've fixed my clearance lights for now...

I had find a front and rear inline fuse hidden in the wire bundles in the front and
rear of the coach.   Both 1amp fuses were blown.  I replaced them and the
LED clearance lights work but I think the next rain might knock them out again.

I think water is getting inside them...  
 It must have been a bad caulk day at the factory the day the put them on.

 so I've ordered 10 new ones...
5 amber front lights, and 5 red rear lights.
They will arrive here tomorrow from the Tiffin Factory.
I will make sure they are caulked well when I install them.

So I currently am back at 100% 
but I think 100% is hanging by a hair...      or by a pair of 1 amp fuses

I'll wait till we get to NM or further west before I start to pull the lights off.
Dryer weather there you know.

While in Kerrville we plan to visit the LBJ Ranch - which was known as the
Western White House, and the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg is also a large German Immigrant town 
so I imagine that there might be a Schnitzel & Kartoffelpuffe in our future.


  1. 100%! That doesn't seem like a reasonable goal. For someone in recreation mode, it seems too high. For someone in working mode, it seems too low. Aren't we suppose to expect 110% in the working world?

    Ain't this about the joy and pleasure of being on the road?

  2. You have a lot of patience.

  3. Glad the bus is back at 100%! Safe travels


  4. 100% is a mythical state of mind, like a water yacht, land yachts will always have something wrong, something that needs fixed, something that needs installed, or uninstalled, and on and on and on. Unlike a house, where we just say....forget it....we all need these systems running. I feel your pain, and also your joy when you "think" you are at 100%. We all know this is never the case. We just don't know it yet.

  5. 100%?? Cue the music very slowly.... Don Quixote singing "The Impossible Dream."

    Fortuitous you found a fast fix from a few friendly and 'fficient Freightliner folks.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Uh Oh! I have an image of you and Kate sitting at the table eating Schnitzel with 3 guys speaking german at the other end and Kate makes friends with them. First the chit chat starts, then the singing, next the yodeling, throw in a few german cuss words, and then you are asked to leave.

  7. So.... you mean just a normal evening out with Kate.

  8. Make sure you treat everyone extra special for us!

    Welcome to our new Home Town - wish we had the house built so we could host you. Maybe next time as we are counting down now - about 1 year to go.

    Keep us posted on eats!

  9. The RV life is definitely for those that are "handy". Happy Thanksgiving you guys! Sue B

  10. 100% is doable - as long as you take care of business first thing every day! They you can play.....


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