Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Austin (tatious)

Last Thursday we packed up and put the wheels in motion.
A 3 day stop at an Army Corp Campground in Wylie, Tx (just north of Dallas)
was followed by a 3 hr drive south to Austin, Tx on Sunday.

Somehow I lost my photos of our time in Dallas.
I had computer problems so while in Dallas we spent some time
at the Apple Store getting a new Macbook.

My days since have been spent getting it back up and running for work.
We are finally all back up and running so it's time to bring things back up to date.

Austin is a great town.  Its our first visit here and we are visiting friends (and local residents)
Dave & Linda who are showing us the sights.

One of the neat things about Austin is the food trucks.
They are all over the place and serve an eclectic mix of culinary delights.

Here we are stopped at a row of food trailers, our purpose was to visit the
gourmet donut shop.

Ever had a "Flying Pig"?
Its a donut with Maple Icing and Grilled Bacon.

Toppings run the gamut from Chicken or Jalepenos, to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
and everything in between.

I decided to enjoy a batch of "Blue Balls"
Fried Donut Holes covered in Fresh Blueberry Cream Icing.

The view of Downtown Austin crossing the river coming into town.

Wherever we go - Kate is never a stranger for long and Austin was no exception.
We stopped from lunch at a little out of the way Tex-Mex restaurant, and while there
someone came over to our table....

It turned out to be  Kates friend Lisa from home.
Kate and Lisa ride bikes together in the afternoons and Lisa was in town
for a wedding and just happened upon us.

Small world for sure.

After Tex-Mex washed down with Blue Balls, it was off to the LBJ Library.   
It was the first Presidential Library that we have visited and it has
certainly piqued our interest to visit more.

The library always runs some sort of temporary exhibit and currently it
was about the 70's and the Beatles.

Kate and Dave took a turn at the microphone.
Dave is actually an accomplished musician...
Kate....  well Kate just doesn't care.

Do you remember the cover of the Beatles Album "Abbey Road"?

The lyrics from "Money for Nothing by Dire Straights:
"He's banging on the bongos like a chimpanzee"

The 4th floor to the 9th floor of the library contains the archives.

A replica of the LBJ Oval Office.

The Limo that LBJ used in Texas.

We had been told to visit Whole Foods in Austin.
The Mother Store is located here and it is quite a site to see.

There was row upon row of lunch foods, food courts, and of course all types
of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats.

I did manage to score some imported Raclette Cheese for a future meal.

Downtown with the Texas State Capital in the distance.

Our lakeside site while here at Cedar Breaks Park in Georgetown.
We have this spot for a week and the ability to extend if we wish.
With excellent 4G signal and no where to be for a month it's a great spot to
get work done. 

There is much more to see here....
Including some serious barbecue that is calling me so stay tuned.


  1. Oh god how I wished kate (oh yah and you too) lived next door to me.

  2. Kate is a gem, and so you blog is wonderful to follow and ride along with. Looking good. nice spot to take a break with the Digital Bus.

  3. If you liked the Johnson library, you'll love the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

  4. I think the best presidential museum is in Springfield IL. (Lincoln)

  5. Another great Kerlin adventure & post! Clever on the Austiin-tacious! Two thumbs up!

  6. Sorry about your computer woes! We have never been to a presidential library. This librarian needs to go!

  7. Amazing that you ran into Lisa in the Tex Mex place. Now that Disney song is stuck in my head! You know, the one about the world being a small place?


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