Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quartzsite Again

We are back in Quartzsite for our Montana Groups annual
rally in the desert.

We arrived at DoodleCamp on Thursday, spent Friday getting the
Montana ready for the road, and then on Saturday we made a 5hr drive
south to the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield.

The OG is a neat place.  It is built in the middle of an old Orange
Grove and every site has Orange Trees.

We were here once before in the Summer but this time our timing
was perfect.  You can pick as much as you want and we left loaded with
sweet, fresh, & juicy California Navel Oranges.

Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

On Sunday we drove 4 hrs east and then spent two nights on the shore of
Lake Havasu at Lake Havasu State Park.

We hooked up with friends here and in total we had 4 rigs in attendance.

Today - Tuesday - we drove 70 miles south to Quartzsite.
It is here where we will now spend a week or so in the Desert.
There are about 70+ rigs from our Montana Group here.

We set up camp outside of the big circle.  Ron & Maxine are here
in the Party bus as well as their friends Fred & Tracy.
We have our own little circle of 3 outside of the big circle.

I clicked on our blog map, then selected the last 8 months to see just
where we have been during that time period.

Its been a busy time indeed.


  1. It was SOOOO good seeing you two again today!!!

  2. You guys have been busy!! Throw some of those oranges our way when you get back �� ! Have a great time with all the rigs.



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