Thursday, January 1, 2015


I have some catching up to do again, but rather than try to
cram it into one post I will spread them out.

After leaving Westerwald we drove 6+ hrs to Munich (Munchen) on what
really should have been a 4hr drive.

It was finally our chance to see the other side of Farfegnugen...
It seemed the whole of Germany was headed home after the Chistmas Holiday
and we were right in the thick of it.

We left our hotel early to try and get a jump on the traffic as well as snow
was forecast and I wanted the extra time.   It was a wise decision.

Our morning began with a magical drive in the country

A misunderstood detour sign had us following our Garmin GPS
down some small country roads which were not cleared of snow.
In on instance the wind had blown almost a foot of snow in our path.
Fortunately we did not get stuck and our Garmin did find our way to the Autobahn.

Arriving in Munchen in the snow.
We learned how the Germans go RV'ing

Soon it was night and the city became magical.

The Christmas store window displays were quite something to see.
This one was huge.  This picture is only a small part of it.
Many of the people and animals were animated.

St Michaels Church.
It is the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps.
Kate and I just love to visit the large churches.

The Rathaus (town hall)

The Schneider Weiss Bierhaus.
We had dinner here and loved it so much we came back a second night.

Seating is on two floors and again at long tables where you sit with strangers.
Our table was 5 friends having their once a month meeting.  They had been there
since 10:30 that morning.  (need I say more?)

They taught Kate some new words in German.  (not good ones either)
Kate took to her new vocabulary with Gusto.  Every time she yelled out
one of the words the guys howled with laughter.

Each time that we tried to get up and leave they poured more beer in my mug.
We both left the hall with sore sided from laughing so much!

The new addition to the family.

The detail of this bronze statue was incredible.
When some ladies were standing next to it he moved and we realized
why it looked so lifelike.

The next day we went to visit Dachau.
It was my intention to visit there on the way to Munchen,  and have a full
day in the city but the traffic and the snow cut too much into our time
and I did not want to be trying to find our hotel in the dark and the snow.

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  1. Beautiful! So glad you did not get stuck in the snow...Happy New Year to you two!! Margie 🎉

  2. Again, magnificent photography and more laughs over Kate's growing vocabulary! Love it that you ate at the same lovely restaurant twice. Happy New Year to you both!

  3. I can't say it enough... What and adventure you two are having. The photos make it truly magical place. I can just hear Kate practicing her newly acquired German words! LOL....

    We are in Yuma... it's been freezing here. Temps about 20 degrees cooler than what we normally experience. John has joined us once again. Heading to Q soon.

    Tell Kate we sang Bye Bye Miss American Pie last night in her honor as we rang in the new year.


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