Friday, September 2, 2016

Quebec City to Forillon National Park - Gaspe, QC

We concluded our 4 day stay in Quebec City Tueday and headed Northeast
along the St Lawrence River.

We found our RV Park - "Camping Transit" in Levis to be very nice for
our needs.   Full hookup and 50 amps.  It was conviently located just outside
of the populated city area in farmlands.   Near to Autoroute 20  (AUT-20) the noise 
level was a bit higher than we like but other than that it was just fine.

There was a caravan here when we arrived on Friday but they cleared out on Saturday
and the campground was left fairly empty.

The drive Northeast on AUT-20 was pleasant with views 
of the ever widening St Lawrence River.

Later Quebec Route 132 passed thru some small picturesque shoreside communities.
From now on we will be following 2-lane 132 around the perimeter of the Gaspe' Peninsular.

Our 200 mile drive today brought us to "Camping Annie" in Metis Sur Mer.
Its a nice RV Park set among a mixture of trees.  Full hooks with 30 amps.

My only ding on this place is that they laid out the sites 90° to the roadway rather than
angled which makes it harder to back in.   
This is compounded by trees that were planted about 6' from the roadway.

If the site across from me had been occupied it could have been more difficult to
get into our space.

Other than that - you can see the campground is very pretty & quiet.

Weds we had some errands to do...
So for a lunch call we went to Captaine Homards Seafood Resturant.
A local Landmark - they have camping sites right on the STLawrence Seaway.

A friendly bi-lingual staff and english on the menu made ordering a snap.

Kate had a lobster roll and I had fish and chips.
All was fresh and cooked to perfection.
We both left satisfied and happy.

Today - Thursday -  was a 200 mile drive along the St. Lawrence and eventually
the Atlantic.    It was a beautiful drive.

The drive started out with rolling hills and farmland, turned to larger ups and downs with
long stretches directly on the coastline, and ended with a mix of both.
Thru the day we passed thru numerous villages with picturesque views.
The ever present Catholic Church was well represented
with impressive churches in each village.

Here is another drivelapse of the days trip.
I edited out a bunch here and there to keep it shorter.

During the last 1 minute of the drivelapse is a short 1 minute song...
Do you know where that song is from?

The roads are a bit rough - but considering how far north we are - its understandable.
There was several construction zones with mud and gravel so my clean bus
is clean no more.

Parts of the drive reminded me of the Oregon coast.

At times we had the windshield wipers on - not to clear rain, but to clear the salt spray as the
waves broke and the spray came over the roadway.
Stretches of the roadway are right along the seawall so the waves really spray the road.
It must be something when the temps are below freezing!

Parts of the drive reminded us of driving in Alaska.

There were several grades of 12%, 14% and even 15% during the day.
They were short in duration - a mile or less - and easily handled.

We are now in Forillon National Park at the tip of the Gaspe' Peninsula in
The Petit Gaspe Campground.
We have 30amp service but...  Gasp - the trees are blocking our Satellite.
Time to break into our 300 DVD's or watch a recording on the DVR.

It's nice to be back in a forest campground.   It is dark and quiet.
The Canadian National Park sites are always nice.

Time to go explore.

Stay tuned.


  1. The Beer Barrel Polka!!! Bob P

  2. Bob, I think you rolled out the barrel a bit too early today.

  3. We are visiting friends this past week in Ignace, Ontario. They have a house on Agimak Lake. I'm helping replace a deck. We fly home on Monday. Beautiful country. Safe travels.

  4. I just looked it up Jim. Yep that's pretty country up above the boundry waters. Good time to be north too. Away from the heat and rain. Enjoy

  5. Greg and Kate, these drive lapse vids look great on our home 55" Samsung UHDTV. WOW, they are cool. You need to email how the heck you are making these. I need to try this on the sailboat. Love it, THIS IS COOLIO.
    Hayden and Radeen


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