Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life on the Dusty Trail Yuma to Lake Roosevelt

After leaving the Montana Circle in Quartzsite, our band of travelers
headed 80 mi south to Yuma.   It is here where we usually go after a week or
two in the desert to enjoy the good life..
Full hookups, grass...  dust free cocktail hours.

Life in a nice RV park is a nice change from the desert.

One night we made Pizzas on the grill.
The ladies did most of the work.
We have veggie and meat lover pizzas.

The dough was made and rolled out.
Cooked on the grill, both sides for a bit,
then the ingredients were put on for the final melting.

It was a production line and we made about 5 or 6 pies.

Another night Kate made a pasta dish and we all had dinner Party Bus Style!

While in Yuma I think the blog crossed the threshold of critical mass....

 I met a gentleman there who has been following our blog for a year or
more.   He knew from our blog map that we were in the same RV Park as him so
he looked for our rig and came over to say hello, and let me know how much he
enjoys the blog and how useful it has been as well.
Thanks for stopping by!

It is always nice to hear from folks that they are enjoying the blog and
even finding it useful.  One of the joys of the RV lifestyle.

On Sunday we drove 5 hrs east into the Superstition Mountains to set up
camp at Windy Point on Lake Roosevelt.
LR is always a favorite of mine and I was glad I was able to share it with the gang.
It's dry camping - no hookups but just beautiful and super quiet.

No matter where you travel in the south west, the views are constantly changing
from day to day and hour to hour.
One morning the clouds hang low over the lake while the rising sun
casts a red glow.

This morning the clouds from a departing storm system that gave us two
days of heavy rain started to lift.

The sun lit the mountains beyond that were in
the clear, while we patiently waited for the sun to burn off our clouds.

Soon our patience was rewarded with a glorious cloud free day.

The desert supports a wide variety of plant and animal life.

Here in Lake Roosevelt we are constantly visited by Javelina (wild pigs) at night.
On a morning walk we had a herd of about 15 cross the road in front of us.

Coyotes live all over the southwest and we hear them bowing every night.
We fear not however...  we have the mighty Doodles keeping us out of harm.

Here we catch a Coyote heading into the bush.

The cliff dwellings at Tonto Natl Monument are right across the highway.
We made the hike up the mountain to visit the dwellings.

Its a beautiful hike up and the landscape is pure joy.

Tonto is one of the rare places where you can get right inside the ruins.

Oh if only I had some back light...  this would have been a nice
shot of Jim & Kristi.  Sorry guys.

Utilizing the skills learned on the Alaskan Tour Boats...
 Ron & the Maximizer stike a pose

The view from the Cliff Dwelling back towards the lake and our campsite.
Just wonderful!
Our campsite is in the center of the photo by the lakeshore.

Another day we celebrated Maxines 29th birthday.
While Ron wisked her out of camp on some sort of pretense - we set about
decorating our campsite.

Balloons, streamers, cloth tablecloths, Green Martini Glasses, blinking led lights...
We went all out - Roosevelt Style!

Kristi even had this electric Wine Sign!

We had a great night accompanied by our nightly campfire.

Soon it was time for Ron & Maxine to head home...  
They departed on a rainy friday morning as we said good bye.

We are now down to the 4 of us.

We'll stay here next week then head off to our next port of call,
which is where ever the wind blows us like Tumbleweeds.


  1. I was hoping you were going to show up at the Bloggerfest in Quartzite.

  2. It was nice meeting you Gregg at the Q circle,sorry we missed meeting Kate and the Doodles.
    Love your blog,getting some good info.
    Travel safe!

  3. That pizza looked great!! Miss you guys! Awesome pics as usual. See us soon!



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