Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

It has been a busy busy few days as promised.

We are now the proud owners of a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 40' Class A Motorhome
and a 2014 Ford F150 Pickup.

Here are a couple of the Dealership photos of the new bus.

Looking forward from the rear of the main living area.
There is a 1/2 Bath at this end.

After the main living area you enter the master bedroom.
Aft of the bedroom is the full master bath with additional closets
and a clothes washer and dryer.

Master bedroom - foot of bed looking across the coach towards the passenger side.
Main living area is to the left - master bath thru a door to the right.

We are in Bothell, Wa - just outside of Seattle.
Exhausted.... sore....  but enjoying our new home.

We arrived in Seattle on Weds.   First order of business was to find a new truck.
We no longer needed the Dually since both the Montana and the Dog House would
be gone, and the Dually is too big, too heavy, too expensive and rough riding as a daily driver.
Plus - you can't flat tow it (on all 4 wheels).

I had made tentative agreements on a truck before we got here so Weds we headed
to Bicford Ford in Snohomish Wa to seal the deal and ink the paperwork.
Thanks to Jim for Suggesting Bickford.   They are a great dealership.

Here is the new truck next to my "Peterbilt".

We were able to make a good deal on a 2014 leftover.
It drives much easier and now Kate will enjoy taking it for a spin.

We both will miss the Dually.  It was a fantastic truck.
Once it had a load on it it rode comfortable and never gave us a once of trouble.
But it was built to work hard and we no longer had the hard work for it to perform.

Thursday was moving day.
We had to move out of the Montana and the Dog House and that is when
you really find out just how much stuff you have packed into them.

About the time we started to transfer our stuff it started to rain...  A steady
Seattle style drizzle mixed with some steady rain. 

I had wanted to be done before dark so that my first day driving 
and parking the bus would be done in daylight.  

We started the move at 10am and by 6pm we were pulling out of the lot in the rain 
You guessed it...  the dark!

We drove to a KOA nearby and I backed it into the spot.

The day before there had been workers scurrying all over the bus.
Washing the insides... waxing the outside...
Changing the oil, checking all the systems....

In a few short hours we had turned it into a disaster area!

Our master bathroom was filled as was the basement storage areas, the couches etc.

Kate... AKA the energizer bunny and I got to work sorting thru the piles.
Discarding what we no longer needed...

36hrs later we are not yet done for sure...  but great progress has been made.
We are here for tomorrow as well so we will have one more full day to organize.

Monday we will head 300 miles south to Eugene, Oregon.
Kate will follow me driving the pickup.
In Eugene I have an appointment on Tuesday to get the truck set up for being towed.
They will mount plates on the truck, install a remote system for the brakes, 
wiring for the tail lights etc.

Once that is done - Kate will get her first taste of riding the the bus and
can go back to being my right seat co pilot.


  1. Beautiful!! We know from experience it's exhausting work but so worth it!! We know you'll love your new 'rolly house' as our grandkids call it. I don't know if you are Country music fans....but the new song, Shotgun Rider, from Tim McGraw always reminds me of RVing. Happy trails, love,

  2. What a mess you had! Moving is never fun, but I am sure you will enjoy the new home! Margie :o)

  3. Oh those 2 shots of the REAL Mayhem made us laugh out loud! So glad we were 1,600 miles away! xoxoxox kristi & jim

  4. The bus is so awesome!! Love the truck too. The doodles won't know what to do with all the space!


  5. Looks BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy your new home on wheels. Cheryl

  6. Our friends have the same floorplan and they love it. Congratulations.

  7. Nothing left to say. Everyone has already said it.



  8. That is a great bus! I bet it rides like a dream..

  9. So where now. Are u. Going to make in May

  10. OMG the mess is too funny! Love the pic w/ the doddles. ENJOY ur new home, wishing u all happy travels. Congratulations

  11. Enjoy your new digs/ride- they look awesome! Oh the places you'll go!!

  12. OMG!!!!!!! That is amazing and sooooooooo beautiful. Great blog post as always Greg.


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