Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It seems that all roads lead to Tucson.
We seem to keep finding ourselves here when on the road.

We left you last in Midland Tx.  
The weather had warmed into the upper70's and I was in shorts.   
During the night however the DogHouse started rocking and getting cooler inside.  
By morning the wind was howling and it was 27 degrees outside.  
The wind chill was close to zero.
Winter had returned with a vengeance.

Our travels the last two days.

After leaving Midland we drove about 7hrs west to Rockhound State Parkin Deming, NM. 
On the way we crossed back onto the warm side of the previous nights cold front
so thankfully the temperature once again climbed back into the 70's

We really like Rockhound and its nearby sister park,
City of Rocks which is north of Deming.

Rockhound is located on the side of a mountain, and overlooks Deming.
The views are great during the day and once the sun sets the shimmering lights of
Deming far below lend a beautiful backdrop.

Morning paints the mountains to the west, as viewed from our perch.

If you've been to Rockhound, but haven't been there in a year or more you
might be surprised at the upgrades.  There has been a fair amount of landscaping done
and the bathhouse and showers are new and delightful.

Only $10 a night for a boon docking site or $14 for water/electric.

Morning dawned clear and crisp.
It was a chore waking up the Doodles.

A quick 4 hour drive found us in Tucson, Arizona.
Tonight we are at Gilbert Ray Campground in Tucson Mountain County Park.

Gilbert Ray is in a beautiful natural Sonoran Desert Setting.
Normally we have the greatest sunsets from here but it is cloudy today
so I think we're not going to get one tonight.

Tomorrow we'll move about 20 miles to Catalina State Park,
north of Tucson where we will spend 5 days tending to business
and just chilling.

Tonight however a very light rain has begun to fall...
That means the smells of the desert will soon begin to lift up from the soil.

Anytime it rains here in the desert it seems as if every pore of the planet
opens up to consume the rain, and in the process releases 
the most amazing cacocphony of sweet scents into the air.

It promises to be sweet sleeping tonight!


  1. Yah, we had a light rain Here too, but it was 23* and froze as soon as it hit my windshield.

  2. Cloudy days seem to have the best sunsets and sunrises.

  3. Welcome to AZ! Rain in the desert is amazing ...you described it so well! We left PHX at 4 a.m. this morning....so close! Are you going to post about Mary Coyles Ice Cream closing? That page should be draped in black. Sigh.


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