Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lake Pleasant

Our last post left you at Gilbert Ray Park just west of Tucson.

After our one night there, we moved about 20 miles to Catalina State Park
which is about 15 miles north of Tucson in Oro Valley.

We always love coming to Catalina.

Besides being a real convenient location to take care of any needed business,
it also gives us a chance to catch up with our Tucson friends and visit with them.

The sunsets that reflect off of the mountains are always a special treat too!

While here this time, we both had eye exams and got new glasses.
I had the tires rotated on the truck, a bit of a chore on a dually.

Our site below the Santa Catalina Mountains.

A view as the sun gets lower and turns fiery red.

While here I also did some Doodle Maintenance.
Trying to keep them in top form for their upcoming visit to
Uncle Rons Doodle Ranch - I did some Sunday nail trimming.

This time I got Gracie a bit too short on one nail and made it bleed.
To keep her away from it and give it some time to stop, we wrapped a sock on her foot.

On Monday our 6 day visit to Tucson was over and me moved up to
Lake Pleasant Regional Park which is just on the North West edge
of the Phoenix Metro Area.

Here at the lake we still get great sunsets and have a lake view from our site.

I have been busy getting my 2015 budgets for work wrapped up,
so this slow pace has been perfect for that.

We are here until Thursday.
Thursday morning we'll head 4hrs west over to the Palm Springs, California area.

We'll stay in Palm Springs Thursday and Friday night.

It will be there that we will drop the doghouse at a storage facility
 on Saturday morning and run empty, 8 hours North to
Uncle Rons & Aunt Maxines Doodle Camp.

We will stay at Doodle Camp for a few days, and spend some time getting
the Montana ready for the winter desert festivities.

We will then head down to San Francisco on Weds for
our 11 hr flight to Germany and 3 weeks of the holidays
in Germany & Switzerland.

It promises to be a very interesting month.


  1. We are so happy to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the Tucson area and could get your work accomplished. Gracie looks like she needs some sympathy in that photo. Wish Hayden was there to give her some Doodle love! We are leaving Vero Beach tomorrow. Hugs to all!

  2. Have a great trip in Germany & Switzerland! Sounds fun! Give Kate hugs from me.


  3. Your "living the good life" looks like it's only going to get better and better! I cannot imagine how fairytale-like Christmas, Anniversary and Kate's Birthday are going to be for you this year...one to remember for ever. Enjoy!


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