Friday, December 12, 2014

No Dogs Allowed!

Well we have reached the end of Phase I of this adventure.
Tonight is our last night in the DogHouse.

Tomorrow morning we will drop it off at a Storage Facility in
Coachella, Ca and load some stuff into the truck,
strap it all down, and hit the Interstate northbound headed for Uncle Rons Funhouse.

Our last two nights in the DH are being spent at a beautiful
RV Resort - Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, Ca.

It is perhaps the most lushly landscaped park I've ever been to.

I made reservations here due to its proximity to where we were going to store
the DH and also because it looked like a nice place to get cleaned up and staged
for the run up to Doodlecamp.

It almost did not happen.
When we arrived the receptionist took a look at our rig and said:
"We don't allow Truck Campers here"

After a brief discussion, including the fact that I did inform them of what we had
when we made the reservation - they decided to make an "exception" and permit
us low lives entry.   They did say that we would not be allowed to drop the camper - 
it must stay on the truck.

I think the fact that it is still early in the season and the beautiful ones have not arrived in
full force yet had some bearing on the decision to permit us entry into Valhalla.

The view of the pool area.   One of two pools at the 'Resort'

So the Clampetts made it thru the gates and here we are living
among all the good folk.

They did stick us over in the lower rent district however.

The bathrooms and showers were the nicest we've ever seen....
And immaculate - top to bottom!

Some of the bigger boys.

More landscaping outside of one of the 4 shower buildings.
There is a small army of grounds keepers, sweepers, shower cleaners...

A putting green.  There is also an executive Golf Course.

Walking back to the DogHouse.  You can see the small Tag-a-long on the right.
I find it a bit odd that they have no problem with that, but they do with my doghouse.
My DH probably costs 3 times what that tag along costs.

It must be what is inside the DogHouses that they object to.

The Clampetts have arrived.
Now I understand!

Only 5 days and counting till we are on the big bird headed to Germany.
Do we sound excited?
Next stop - DoodleCamp.


  1. Lol! Love it!!! What a beautiful place! The clampett's have arrived!!!! Have fun guys & be safe


  2. Nice place so what does it cost per night. Have fun In Europa

  3. Those Calafornies just don't recognize class when they see it.

    Love it..



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